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Stitch Fix #8

18 Aug

Getting right into it… Fix #8! If you haven’t already tried, feel free to use my referral link (here) and fund more of my Stitch Fix adventures.



JUST BLACK Adorra Skinny Jean $88

Funny enough — after I returned my last Fix, I got an email from StitchFix customer service saying they had the exact size of pant but with a shorter inseam. They suggested I not wait for my next fix in case they weren’t in stock, so I ordered them “off cycle” and loved them. So, so happy with them so far! I did buy a few extra things to help preserve the color — Woolite DARKS Liquid Laundry Detergent (Amazon) and Shout Color Catcher sheets (Amazon) because I really didn’t want the dye from the jeans to rub off everywhere.

Too bad my stylist didn’t get the memo that I had already received/purchased the jeans, because they were included in my Fix too, but sending them back isn’t so tragic this time around!


RENEE C Greenspan Scoop Neck Top $48

Not my style, at all. I’m not sure what I need to update in my profile to make it clear I’m not a fan of busy/mismatched styles/patterns, but… sending this back!



SKIES ARE BLUE Keating Cargo Vest $78

StitchFix has tons of cargo vests in stock, just FYI. I loved the color on this one, and the cute liner polka dots, but I think cargo vests just don’t fit me very well — they bulk up my waist and just don’t look that flattering. Too bad!


TINSEL Joen Rayon Twill Cargo Vest $74

This is similar to the vest I had received last fix, but a slightly less pretty color, and with too many pockets. I’m not a fan of jackets (or vests) with chest pockets — I like that part cleaner. Versatile, though!


NAPEAN SEA RD Bellucci One Pocket Top $58

No matter how much I would have liked this top, it’s 100% Rayon and dry clean only — which for me is a dealbreaker. I have one plaid-y top from H&M that I love, but it’s beginning to show some wear (I’ve gotten great use out of it over the past few years) so it’s a piece I’m hoping to replace, through StitchFix or elsewhere.

I’ve done 3 fixes in about a month, so definitely going to take a little break… it’s a fun experience to receive items, but for me, has been pretty consistently disappointing/frustrating to not get that *wow* box.


Stitch Fix #7

4 Aug

Funny enough, Stitch Fix has told me that this is my Fix #8 — but I can’t for the life of me find pictures/remember when I missed a post. Oh well! 

I’m so envious of the others who blog about how much they love their Fixes — and get pieces that they love love love and that fit. One of the main reasons I took such a long break from Stitch Fix was because it was a bummer getting pieces that clearly didn’t match my style/profile, but I do chalk some of that up to my being so picky. That being said, am giving it a few more shots because I can’t deny how fun it is to get the boxes in the mail, and to keep exploring what the stylists can dig up for me.


Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean in Navy $88

These jeans feel so good — and they were a dark navy (they actually looked black to me at first) which is such a perfect wardrobe essential piece. That being said – I was surprised by how much I liked how they fit and feel, excepppppt they were way too long. Doing a quick Google, it sounds like a lot of people have that complaint about this brand/piece so that’s a bummer.


Papermoon Anica Knit Top $44

Was actually a little frustrated to see this piece in my fix, because it so resembles the Staccato raglan from my last fix, and I had specifically given the feedback that I didn’t like the little accent/contrast color on that pocket, which is exactly what this shirt does. TBH, without that, I would probably have kept it (I like to keep things simple) but back it goes.


41Hawthorn Jahana Cargo Vest $68

I’ve been asking my stylists to look for vests (I’ve been patiently hoping to come across a perfect denim vest to add to my closet, but know it might not come from StitchFix) but my last two stylists have been so kind to send a couple of vests my way. I liked this 41Hawthorn vest more than the Skies are Blue denim vest that came last fix (more structure to it) but it’s a little pricey for me, resembles something I already own in jacket form, and ideally I want a vest I can dress up/down and this is pretty cas.


Fun2Fun Katniss Crochet Yoke Top $44

Didn’t even try this on, TBH. Style itself I don’t mind (the shape/crochet accent) but the pattern and colors was way too loud for me — I’ve historically kept or bought pieces that I thought would stretch my style, and ended up rarely, if ever, wearing them — so not a good use of $$, even though it’s super reasonably priced.


Papermoon Danyela Knit Maxi Dress $48

I love me a maxi dress — and even though this one resembled another dress I already have (mostly in the black/navy and white/cream pattern), they were different enough — and this dress was honestly comfortable and could be easily dressed up or down, plus, super reasonably priced (especially when you take into account the styling fee you get to credit toward a purchase) – so keep keep keep.

Scheduled another fix for a few weeks from now, will see if it improves! Question for anyone else who does Stitch Fix — do you request the same stylist or a new one? If I’m not happy with my entire fix, is it better to keep trying to work with/give feedback to the same person, or try a new one over and over?

Stitch Fix #6

28 Jul

Stitch Fix lured me back, through a combination of a well-timed birthday email promo and seeing a couple boxes in my mom’s garage, encouraging me to try it again. (Why my mom trying Stitch Fix made me want to try Stitch Fix who knows, haha)

I updated my profile and added a couple of requests (have been looking for a denim vest or some chambray…) and this is what I got:


SKIES ARE BLUE Demilia Chambray Vest $68

The stylist did a great job, and actually did find me a denim/chambray-y vest — and while it wasn’t what I expected (was picturing something more structured), I was totally open to it! But after trying it on, I didn’t love the size/fit (even with the drawstring pulled, it looked really big in the front) or the style (not sure what it is — a little too 90’s grunge?? haha) — though I appreciated the effort!


REALM Ilene Released Hem Skinny Jean $54

Honestly, I wasn’t really looking for or thinking about pants, especially since it’s been sweltering hot in SoCal these days… so I wasn’t that surprised when I didn’t love them. They were a little too snug, and even separate from the fit, I didn’t love the tapered ankle details on the bottom — just a little too trendy for me, maybe!


41HAWTHORN Kelsey Button Down Shirt $58

This was my favorite piece in my Fix, by far, even though it wasn’t exactly what I pictured when I had asked for a chambray button down — but even though I liked it, it was just a LITTLE BIT too small around the bust area — I don’t think going a size up would work because everything else fit right. Bummer!


STACCATO Madelene Raglan Roll Sleeve Knit Top $48

This was something that would fit my style profile to a T — except for the interesting accent on the pocket/sleeves. I realize through Stitch Fix how particular/picky I can be with what I like or dislike — like symmetry. Even though I knew it wasn’t a keeper, I tried it on and loved the fit and feel (so soft!) and size, but the detail was a no go for me.


BAY TO BAUBLES Marissa Collar Necklace $34

Last but not least, a simple necklace. I realized I’m not really looking for jewelry (I have a few key pieces I love and rotate through, and am probably pickier about jewelry than other things) so I updated this in my profile as well, for the next fix.

It’s a bummer I’ve still not had great luck with Stitch Fix, but the experience in it of itself is pretty fun and a treat. I committed earlier this year to not buying more clothes that I’m not certain I’ll need or keep wearing and have tried to content myself with what’s already in my closet, so will have to see what the Stitch Fix stylist magic can do!

Stitch Fix #4 and #5 {catch-up}

7 Jan

I still haven’t had that stellar Stitch Fix experience I’ve been dreaming about–the one where you open the box, fall in love, and buy everything. Of course, I still love the concept, the branding, and the customer service… but… maybe because my expectations were so high, there was only room to fall.

Regardless, I’ve been given a few excuses to order new fixes (credit in my POPSUGAR Must Have box and through referrals) so ordered a couple… and ended up with a few new pieces that I liked (that came at the right price point).

almost bought my entire fourth fix, because I liked all the tops and they all fit decently well… but they sent me a pair of earrings and I don’t have pierced ears! I’m guessing that’s a bit of an oversight but that’s a bit of  QA blip, no?


COLOURWORKS Rowson Mesh Detail Striped Sweater – I really liked this top, but it was pricier than I would have liked ($60…?) so it was a no.


OXMO Janet Cotton Tab Sleeve Top – I liked this top and was about to keep it because I don’t have a white casual blouse like it, but couldn’t get over all the buttons on the front… 2 buttons too many?


EVERLY Adina Short Sleeve Zig Zag Blouse – Strangely enough, I kept this top… but didn’t LOVE it. If they were all the same price, I probably would have kept the Colourworks one. But, for the price ($38) and the nice side buttons, I thought it’d be a little bit of an adventurous addition to my closet, and indeed it has been.


ALYTHEA Blue Blazer – I don’t remember the exact name or price, but I really liked this blazer for a lot of reasons — fit, versatility, color… yay!

Then, I took a little bit of a break until a fall shipment in November, which was a pretty big bust. I’m not sure if it’s because they were busy or if it was the change in seasons or something in my profile that sent mixed signals, but I really didn’t like the three tops they sent.


PHOEBE Dot & Stripe Sweater DressMYSTREE Donallan Striped Button-Up Cardigan – While I liked the texture/weight of both pieces, I didn’t like the overall styles. The dress was a nice length/size, but I didn’t like where the polka dots were — unflattering. And I didn’t like the color-blocked collar on the cardigan or the pockets… I probably would have liked both if they didn’t have the extra color blocking element.


UNDER SKIES Clemente Diamond Knit Striped Sweater – Soft, but super unflattering. No pictures for evidence, ha.

41HAWTHORN Colored Faceted Circles Strand Necklace – I actually thought this necklace was beautiful, but I rarely wear orange shades (Asian = yellow-y skin and not as complimentary with the orange) so I passed.


41HAWTHORN Hayden Dot & Stripe Knit Infinity Scarf – I have a lot of scarves (it’s kind of a problem), and I don’t like my $20 styling fee going to waste, and I liked the red/white color scheme, so bingo!

Sooooo… as you can see, a bit of a mixed bag. Or I guess a mixed box, in this case. I still have a lot of love for the brand but am not entirely sure what it is that’s keeping me from my Stitch Fix happily ever after. Perhaps my budget? Or am I just super picky? Could be!

Regardless, I’m still having fun with it and adding little things to my wardrobe, so would encourage you to try it too–if you’re curious!

Stitch Fix #2

26 Mar

Background on Stitch Fix for those who aren’t familiar: Basically, you sign up, fill out your “style profile” with lots of info around your style and the clothes you like to wear, then pay a $20 styling fee to receive a “Fix,” which is basically a box with 5 items (clothing/jewelry) specifically picked out for you! You get to try them all on at home with other pieces you own, then pay for & keep what you want (the $20 styling fee also counts as credit toward anything you keep) and send back what you don’t want (shipping both ways is free). You can check out their website for a lot of the nitty gritty details around how it works, but a friend posted about StitchFix on Facebook, I saw their website, and I was sold!

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to keep anything from my first fix, but have heard that the stylists & items in the fix typically get better with each round so I was hopeful! Fix #2 came this week and it’s definitely more “me” (and less “who I want to be”!


Hello, my beautiful Fix! I was a little surprised that my stylist changed (is this typical?) but regardless, thank you, Margaret!


The colors in my fix are so me… less “trendy” and kinda less “springy” but definitely classic, which is what I asked for.

sf4Piece #1: LoveMarks AUSTIN DENIM BUTTON UP TOP ($68) – I still do not own a chambray/denim-y shirt (late to the party?) so I was open to the idea of one in my fix… but I didn’t love this one. The fit was okay & it’s super soft, but something about the color and the wash I didn’t like.

sf5Piece #2: Kersh HERERRA COTTON BUTTON UP SHIRT ($58) – I also do not have a great white blouse (my closet is full of non-essentials, apparently!) but this wasn’t quite right… I liked the fabric (super super soft cotton) but it was too wide (you can kind of tell in that picture).

sf3Piece #3: Chris & Carol ABRIANNA LONGSLEEVE KNIT CARDIGAN ($48) – I LOVE THIS. I probably own more cardigans than a person should, but I love this for a variety of reasons: 1) I want more “open” cardigans 2) I love the color and don’t have anything like it 3) lightweight fabric but not see-through 4) perfect for spring and 5) dress-up & dress-down. Keeping this!

sf7Piece #4: Collective Concepts IVY SOLID TAB SLEEVE V-NECK BLOUSE ($58) – You can’t tell perfectly in the pictures, but it’s a really nice color – a little more nuanced than grey, but not so dark as black. I actually really like this piece– it’s loose (but not in an unflattering way), is SUPER comfy (you can probably tell), plus has super cute little tabs on the sleeves (you know I love the little things). I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to keep it… If it wasn’t for the cardigan that I fell in love with, this would be a no-brainer.


Piece #5: Tart SALMA FRENCH TERRY STRIPED BLAZER ($128) – I had liked the cotton blazer in my last fix and put it in my feedback (that you fill out when you send things back) so my stylist sent another– I actually like this one MORE than the previous minty one because it fits a lot better & it’s a little more practical and easy to mix-and-match. Butttt… since it’s slightly out-of-my-price-range… it’s a go-back 😦 Sidenote: SHOULDER PADS!

Sooooo, that was Fix #2! I’m super happy that I found at least one thing I love (cardigan!) and am going to think through whether or not to keep that Collective Concepts top… thoughts? Want more pictures?? Help me decide please!

Would highly, highly recommend the service to anyone who’s looking for a few new pieces for spring and is down to try something totally fun and new. (It’s seriously so much fun… I have to stop myself from scheduling another one!) Thanks in advance for using my referral link if you’re interested in signing up for the waitlist!

Stitch Fix Fix #1

16 Mar

If you haven’t already heard about StitchFix, boy, you’re in for a treat! Basically, you sign up, fill out your “style profile” with lots of info around your style and the clothes you like to wear, then pay a $20 styling fee to receive a “Fix,” which is basically a box with 5 items (clothing/jewelry) specifically picked out for you! You get to try them all on at home with other pieces you own, then pay for & keep what you want (the $20 styling fee also counts as credit toward anything you keep) and send back what you don’t want (shipping both ways is free). You can check out their website for a lot of the nitty gritty details around how it works, but a friend posted about StitchFix on Facebook, I saw their website, and I was sold!

I was waitlisted for a little bit, but got a happy email a couple days after their big series A funding announcement (here’s a great interview and article on TechCrunch) and got my first fix a week or two later. Without further adue… here was what was in my fix!


Hello, fix! I love their branding and the personal touches (little note from my stylist, Jackie)


Piece #1: Everly Mineh Cat Print Tab Sleeve Top ($58) – the print is SO cute and I wanted to like it, but it was a little too big/loose and wasn’t very flattering, and lastly, the color kind of washed me out. I’m also a little conflicted about the “trendiness” of the critter print–I typically want to buy pieces I’ll love and wear at least for a few years! In picture 3 – each garment has a tag with outfit ideas, which can be helpful for the fashion-challenged *raises hand*


Piece #2: Kensie Lola Ankle Length Skinny Jeans ($88) – My stylist saw that I had pinned a pair of black jeans to my Pinterest (I provided the link with my “style profile”) and included these — they were SO comfy! My current black jeans are definitely ready looking a little worn and ready to be donated, but my higher priority is a pair of black cotton pants that can be worn both casual and dressy/professional, and these were a little too casual. Regardless, I serrrrriously considered keeping them and the big reason I didn’t was that they were a tad too small


Piece #3: Very J Doreen French Terry Blazer ($78) – When I saw this in my box, I thought I’d HATE it, but putting it on, I liked it! It was super comfy/soft and Jackie made a note about how the light cotton blazer is a great piece for the spring-y weather coming up in LA. Didn’t keep it, though, because it was also a tad too small on the sleeves and bust (you can tell in the picture, I think).

Piece #4: Sweet Rain Cherry Hi-Low Racer Back Tank ($48) – I wanted to like this one (Super soft fabric and I don’t have any hi-low tops!), but it was a definite no for a few reasons: 1) too big 2) shapeless/made me look pregnant (ha) 3) wouldn’t spend this much on a tank top, I don’t think, unless I could wear it to work… and church… and out? Yep, this one is going back.

stitch5Piece #5 – 41Hawthorn Chevron Bangle Set ($38) – After realizing I wasn’t going to keep any of the other four pieces, I was SO tempted to keep this one, especially because of the $20 credit that you lose if you don’t spend it on this fix. I love that these bangles stack and I love the Chevron shape, buuuuuut ultimately decided against keeping them because they were just too big. Bangles are really hard for me to pull off because of my small wrists.

So, that was my first StitchFix fix! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t end up keeping anything (and “lost” the $20 credit), but to be fair, that $20 paid for a super fun experience and probably covered shipping both ways, right? After you try on everything, you check out online and you can give notes and feedback as to why you did or didn’t keep things. You can also request specific types of things, like if you’re going to a wedding and want all dresses, or something like that.

I already scheduled my next fix and am crossing my fingers that my stylist will be able to hook me up with something (or somethings!) that I keep! If I stick with the system long enough, one day I’ll end up keeping all 5 pieces and you get a 25% off discount. Woo!

If you’re interested in trying out StitchFix too, you can do that here! (Disclaimer: I’m using a referral link and would receive a $25 credit if you end up actually scheduling a fix)