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What Happened in July 2013

25 Sep

I’m so behind that I seriously contemplated never catching back up… but hey, it’s the end of September and I had started this draft, so might as well *try* to finish it!

  • New Year’s Resolution Update: same ol’ same ol’. No Yelp reviews (sigh) and have not been logging finances. Sorry self! Still doing well on flossing, avoiding fast food/soda/coffee, and reading books!
  • Recently discovered that I can multi-task my YA reading — I can walk/sometimes jog on our treadmill while devouring easy-to-read YA fiction at the same time. Wahoo!
  • The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (FIREWORKS!). Played Settlers & did to-go Thai BBQ before watching lots of fireworks from our friend D’s parents house in Los Feliz.
  • Attended our church’s Women’s Retreat and it was sweeter than I could have hoped. Had a really, really good conversation and started reading this book on grace that has really blown my mind and challenged my thinking.
  • Celebrated my 26th birthday! Had a bunch of great friends over for Settlers, catching up, and delicious healthy food from CCC.
  • In preparation for aforementioned gathering, finally bought/sold some furniture on Craigslist 🙂 So satisfying!
  • Found out dear friends are moving to Louisville (pronounced “Looa-ville”) and planned a trip to visit them utilizing our newly earned Southwest Companion Pass.
  • Regular quarterly trip up to Portland for work — discovered Prasad in the Pearl District (so crucial for the mornings), ate at Little Bird, stayed at the Governor Hotel (which is SUPER close to my dear favorite place Powells), and another fun trip to the Nike Employee Store
  • Got a much needed massage after traveling — love Sophia.
  • Indulged in a night out compliments of Dine LA at Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills — REALLY REALLY GOOD broccoli soup. Like the best I’ve ever had. And B wanted to lick my bowl clean–that’s saying a lot. Broccoli soup.
  • A friend from Cal performed in an alumni performance of RENT at her HS–my first time seeing it! Was a lot of fun, and stayed out late (gasp!) to grab after-dinner drinks at BRU HAUS nearby.
  • A really fun Planning Team outing and intense planning meeting — my first time doing laser tag in SO LONG!
  • A couple of exciting engagements and LOTS of upcoming weddings! Two in September (B and I are each going to one, ironically), starting to plan for my HS friend’s November wedding in Nor-Nor-Cal <- ha (probably without B), and save-the-dates for our first 2014 weddings in February & March. Crazy!
  • In the world of summer television, got into the super-cheesy but still entertaining Who Dunnit and while super late to the party on Master Chef – we LOVE it!
  • Babysat our friends’ little boy N… seriously such a cutie pie and Bella loves him too 😀
  • John Mayer concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine. So much fun! B and I both like him (which is unusual) and really looking forward to his new album.
  • Checked out the new West LA location of Daikokuya with my stepbro A and his gf K, fun to meet up with them in our hood 🙂

What Happened in May 2013

1 Jun
  • New Years Resolutions Update: This wasn’t the best month for resolutions. I read a lot, but didn’t finish the original books I had designated for this month (Good to Great and Omnivore’s Dilemma). Made tasty roasted broccoli (simple, but new to us) and this tangy Detoxinista Asian-style cabbage slaw. I’ve been really bad at Yelping. My “to review” bookmarks are out of control. Here’s to a new month?
  • Thanks to Yelp, got a couple free tickets to The Royale at the Kirk Douglas Theater so B and I made it a date night with dinner at one of the newish restaurants in downtown Culver City then walked over to the show. It was something, that’s for sure. A little cliched in the storyline but I liked experiencing and doing something new.
  • Summer movie season officially began with Iron Man 3. How many of these Marvel movies do you think Disney can pump out over the next few years? There has to be an end, right? And for the record, I like Gwyneth. She has mysteriously attracted a lot of haters over the years, but I like her. So there. Followed by Star Trek: Into the Darkness — was pleased by how they handled marketing without giving away real plot points (kudos, Hollywood!) but aside from the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch, felt like the story lacked a lot of oomph.
  • Summer concerts began with Sara B at the El Rey with G! My first concert in who knows how long–and it was so good. Followed by Daughter at the Troubadour, which was a very different experience, but a fun girls outing with GC, and M.
  • Babysat for friends so they could go see Iron Man 3 (and they were disappointed! boo)
  • (Almost) monthly date with J at Olympic Chungookjang – one of her regular spots that I’ve never been to! Love talking with this girl about work, church, family, the future, stupid things, music, media…
  • Reading a lot of YA fiction (see previous blog post) and fell deeply in love with Eleanor & Park
  • As most holidays are for us–lots and lots of meals for mother’s day. Morangak with my mom’s side, O Fine sushi with my dad’s, then Brasserie Pascal with the in-laws. Lots of love for mamas!
  • Then, celebrated my dad’s & stepsister S’s birthdays at Lunar in Irvine – jjajjangmyun!
  • Busy at church too — Planning Team is growing, and had our first “real” CM meeting at a park in Irvine — beautiful weather, sweet people.
  • At aforementioned park, found out there are people who yell at you for how you treat your dog and act all crazylike. Noted.
  • D&A’s beautiful, beautiful wedding at the Brookside Equestrian Center
  • Played a LOT of intense Settlers (Cities & Knights + Seafarer’s) with D&V for three late nights in a row… then again on Memorial Day with some kind of crazy two-combined-sets-modified-version in a group of 8. Seriously, we’re becoming experts!

The weather really feels like summer, and just in time. Here’s to the kicking off the second-half of 2013 already!