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What Happened in April 2013

2 May

I really like putting these monthly recaps together.

  • New Years Resolution Update: finished both my book on hyperthyroidism and The End of Overeating (details here) & made Thai yellow curry (in addition to the homemade granola and almond milk). No fast food or soda, and daily flossing & Yelping more-or-less on track.
  • Thanks (kind of?) to my health issues, I’ve been working from home more often which has helped restore my work-life balance tremendously. This also means I’ve been able to cook more often, though we still eat out a good amount.
  • Special occasions galore! Coworker’s birthday at Guelaguetza, sister-in-law’s birthday at Sushi Noguchi & festivities at church too — Easter Sunday, 2nd church anniversary
  • Caught whatever bug that was going around (sore throat -> sinuses) and shared it (ha) with B. All better now, though
  • Celebrated A’s carnival-themed outdoor bridal shower on a really nice Saturday
  • Randomly connected with a handful of college friends again via email and in person (L indulged me and let me choose a veggie Chinese restaurant for her visit!)
  • Also, long-overdue webcam date with my high school girlfriends ❤ 10+ years, going strong.
  • Kobe 😦 Lakers 😦 😦 😦 & the playoffs in the West are super intense.
  • Regular meals with dear M continue–checked out the mini version of the famouse Shojin in downtown called shojin in Culver City
  • Spent an ungodly amount of time on the phone with my insurance carrier, insurance group, and doctor’s office sorting out the long-awaited endocrinologist referral. This is why I shoulda paid more for a PPO… #shouldawouldacoulda
  • Visits to the endocrinologist, radiologist, and dermatologist. Mixed results and more weighting
  • Went to my first 2 yoga classes ever at Santa Monica Yoga (late to the party would be a kind understatement) at the encouragement of my massage therapist– did “restorative” yoga and what they call “slow deep stretch” which was a lot more restful and peaceful than strength by any means–perfect for me and my tense neck/back.
  • Last, but not least, celebrated our 3-year (!!!) anniversary with a dinner at JiRaffe (disappointing), followed by a lunch at Lemonade & walk-around in Abbott Kinney 🙂
  • Made another trip up to Portland for work — starting to really love that city (and unusually awesome weather doesn’t hurt)

The year is officially 1/3 over. Bring on the summer!!


What I’m Reading

9 Apr


I gathered up all the books I’m reading right now and thought I’d write little blurbs about them. I go back and forth between being a one-book type of gal and someone who reads a bunch of different books at the same time, though when it comes to a super addictive novel (almost always fiction…) I can’t put it down. But when it comes to non-fiction (like these five)… variety’s crucial for me to not get bored and not finish something.

  • Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease: I’m reading this book (90% finished) because I was recently diagnosed with an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). Still going to various appointments to figure out exactly what next steps are, but another friend with Graves’ mentioned this book and I figured it couldn’t hurt. More on my health later… (Amazon)
  • End of Overeating: This was my “April book” a la my New Years Resolutions and one of those books I wanted to read, received as a gift, but never actually read it. I think B bought this for me maybe a year or two or three ago… and it’s fascinating! One thing I love about this book are the SUPER short chapters–like anywhere from 2-5 pages on average. For some reason, it really motivates me to keep reading… and I should definitely finish by the end of the month. The author is a former FDA commissioner so he knows what he’s talking about–and it’s pretty fascinating to hear about how the food/restaurant industry has mastered the mix of salt+sugar+fat to keep Americans wanting more more more. When it gets more scientific I start to glaze over, but short chapters help a lot. (Amazon)
  • Good to Great: Our CEO is obsessed with this book and I had mentioned that I hadn’t read it yet to a coworker… who got it for me for Christmas 🙂 I’m not sold yet–but still only a chapter or two in. I needed something different to balance the health/food books I was reading and grabbed it off the shelf. It’s very research-based (I get why my CEO loves it now… ha.) which can be dry, but it’s considered a business/management classic so I’ll try to endure! (Amazon)
  • The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: I’ve been slowly reading through Deb’s cookbook over the past few months… savoring the imgaes and the stories, flagging the ones that I think I can/want to make. It’s a little tougher now that I’m on a more vegan diet, but I did love the Sugar Snap Pea Salad with miso-ginger dressing! I make a batch of the dressing and use it for a while, especially since I like to dress my salads really lightly. I’m just finishing the section on cakes and seriously? Cakes and desserts will always thwart my efforts and energies around veganism! You can’t look at her gorgeous pictures and not want to run into the kitchen and bake up a storm. (Amazon)
  • Galatians To You: B & I are big Tim Keller fans and have heard him talk about how his studies in the book of Galatians were really formative and convicting for him… so when he wrote the Galatians commentary in the Good Book Company’s series that got really great reviews, couldn’t resist. I’ve been struggling more with realizing how much I rely on myself (a la this article) and am looking forward to carefully reading through this book to help reveal more.  (Amazon)

What are you reading? Any good recommendations?