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Kobe’s Promise Fulfilled

18 Apr

Yesterday was a really exciting day in the NBA for fans of the Lakers.

Because the Rockets lost a critical game on Monday, there were now a number of “if/then” scenarios that determined 1) whether or not the Lakers would make the playoffs and 2) if they did, who they’d play.

Basically, if they beat the Rockets yesterday, they’d be the 7th seed and play the 2nd seed, the Spurs (who everyone thinks they actually have a shot at beating). If they lost AND Utah lost their game to the Grizzlies, they’d be the 8th seed and play the Thunder (who everyone thinks they’ll definitely not have a shot at beating). But, if they beat the Rockets AND the Jazz beat the Grizzlies, the Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs. Sheesh! With me, still?

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Utah lost their game (boohoo so sad NOT) and guaranteed that the Lakers would play in the post-season. Then, despite an amazing last-minute (like, last-half-minute, if we’re being technical) three point shot from Chandler Parsons that pushed their game into overtime and despite two of their starters out (Kobe & Nash), Pau + D-wight (ha) + team still made it happen and the Lakers are not only going to the playoffs, but they’re going in as the 7th seed and playing the Spurs!!!

After the game, Kobe addressed all the skeptics who had doubted the Lakers would make the playoffs in the first place with this tweet:

He made a big statement a few months back promising that the Lakers would make it, and now he gets to enjoy his “I told you so,” broadcast all over the world via social media.

Tim Duncan? We’re coming!!!


Poor Kobe

13 Apr

If you haven’t heard… Kobe Bryant (probably) tore his Achilles last night during their game vs. the Warriors at Staples. For those of you who don’t exactly get what that means (like me), that typically means 10 months-1 year of recovery time… which (I think) is the longest that he’s ever been out of the game, and at age 35, to boot.

I will be the first to confess I am not a die-hard fan, by any means. I am not a very educated sports gal nor do I religiously follow the one team I consider my favorite. BUT! That being said, I do have a lot of fond memories of watching the Lakers in the Playoffs… in high school when they rocked, in college when they faltered here and there… lots of fond memories! And it’s always fun to go up against all the (many) Laker haters in the world and watch their amazing 4th quarters where they came back from crazy things.

I began following them more seriously this season when I realized they were really struggling and there were all these rumors and articles about how they wouldn’t make the playoffs for the first time since who-knows-when. That plus the death of Jerry Buss (who I didn’t know much about until he passed) fired up a desire to really really REALLY see them overcome the odds and make it.  B & I also started hanging out more often with a few die-hard fans, who fueled the desire to read up on what was going on and follow their uphill climb to the 8th seed.

And… what a ride it’s been. Right now they’re just about tied with the Utah Jazz for that 8th seed with only a couple games left–Sunday vs. the Spurs (#1) and then on Wednesday vs. the Rockets. Compared to Utah’s upcoming games (vs. Minnesota and then Memphis), it’s highly probably now that they won’t make it… and because of a more-or-less freak injury.

This post-game interview with Kobe is pretty heartbreaking. His devastation and just the weight of what’s going on is so obvious in his expression and his voice.

Now what? Will definitely be following the next two games to see if Pau and Metta and the rest of the team can rally two against-the-odd wins to make it to playoffs, but knowing that Kobe was really the life and energy of that team makes it hard to picture what’s to come. Lots of speculation around how recovery will go and whether or not he’ll be back, much less at the same level he was at… but Kobe is Kobe. Wouldn’t be surprised. #vino