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What Happened in July 2013

25 Sep

I’m so behind that I seriously contemplated never catching back up… but hey, it’s the end of September and I had started this draft, so might as well *try* to finish it!

  • New Year’s Resolution Update: same ol’ same ol’. No Yelp reviews (sigh) and have not been logging finances. Sorry self! Still doing well on flossing, avoiding fast food/soda/coffee, and reading books!
  • Recently discovered that I can multi-task my YA reading — I can walk/sometimes jog on our treadmill while devouring easy-to-read YA fiction at the same time. Wahoo!
  • The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (FIREWORKS!). Played Settlers & did to-go Thai BBQ before watching lots of fireworks from our friend D’s parents house in Los Feliz.
  • Attended our church’s Women’s Retreat and it was sweeter than I could have hoped. Had a really, really good conversation and started reading this book on grace that has really blown my mind and challenged my thinking.
  • Celebrated my 26th birthday! Had a bunch of great friends over for Settlers, catching up, and delicious healthy food from CCC.
  • In preparation for aforementioned gathering, finally bought/sold some furniture on Craigslist 🙂 So satisfying!
  • Found out dear friends are moving to Louisville (pronounced “Looa-ville”) and planned a trip to visit them utilizing our newly earned Southwest Companion Pass.
  • Regular quarterly trip up to Portland for work — discovered Prasad in the Pearl District (so crucial for the mornings), ate at Little Bird, stayed at the Governor Hotel (which is SUPER close to my dear favorite place Powells), and another fun trip to the Nike Employee Store
  • Got a much needed massage after traveling — love Sophia.
  • Indulged in a night out compliments of Dine LA at Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills — REALLY REALLY GOOD broccoli soup. Like the best I’ve ever had. And B wanted to lick my bowl clean–that’s saying a lot. Broccoli soup.
  • A friend from Cal performed in an alumni performance of RENT at her HS–my first time seeing it! Was a lot of fun, and stayed out late (gasp!) to grab after-dinner drinks at BRU HAUS nearby.
  • A really fun Planning Team outing and intense planning meeting — my first time doing laser tag in SO LONG!
  • A couple of exciting engagements and LOTS of upcoming weddings! Two in September (B and I are each going to one, ironically), starting to plan for my HS friend’s November wedding in Nor-Nor-Cal <- ha (probably without B), and save-the-dates for our first 2014 weddings in February & March. Crazy!
  • In the world of summer television, got into the super-cheesy but still entertaining Who Dunnit and while super late to the party on Master Chef – we LOVE it!
  • Babysat our friends’ little boy N… seriously such a cutie pie and Bella loves him too 😀
  • John Mayer concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine. So much fun! B and I both like him (which is unusual) and really looking forward to his new album.
  • Checked out the new West LA location of Daikokuya with my stepbro A and his gf K, fun to meet up with them in our hood 🙂

What Happened in April 2013

2 May

I really like putting these monthly recaps together.

  • New Years Resolution Update: finished both my book on hyperthyroidism and The End of Overeating (details here) & made Thai yellow curry (in addition to the homemade granola and almond milk). No fast food or soda, and daily flossing & Yelping more-or-less on track.
  • Thanks (kind of?) to my health issues, I’ve been working from home more often which has helped restore my work-life balance tremendously. This also means I’ve been able to cook more often, though we still eat out a good amount.
  • Special occasions galore! Coworker’s birthday at Guelaguetza, sister-in-law’s birthday at Sushi Noguchi & festivities at church too — Easter Sunday, 2nd church anniversary
  • Caught whatever bug that was going around (sore throat -> sinuses) and shared it (ha) with B. All better now, though
  • Celebrated A’s carnival-themed outdoor bridal shower on a really nice Saturday
  • Randomly connected with a handful of college friends again via email and in person (L indulged me and let me choose a veggie Chinese restaurant for her visit!)
  • Also, long-overdue webcam date with my high school girlfriends ❤ 10+ years, going strong.
  • Kobe 😦 Lakers 😦 😦 😦 & the playoffs in the West are super intense.
  • Regular meals with dear M continue–checked out the mini version of the famouse Shojin in downtown called shojin in Culver City
  • Spent an ungodly amount of time on the phone with my insurance carrier, insurance group, and doctor’s office sorting out the long-awaited endocrinologist referral. This is why I shoulda paid more for a PPO… #shouldawouldacoulda
  • Visits to the endocrinologist, radiologist, and dermatologist. Mixed results and more weighting
  • Went to my first 2 yoga classes ever at Santa Monica Yoga (late to the party would be a kind understatement) at the encouragement of my massage therapist– did “restorative” yoga and what they call “slow deep stretch” which was a lot more restful and peaceful than strength by any means–perfect for me and my tense neck/back.
  • Last, but not least, celebrated our 3-year (!!!) anniversary with a dinner at JiRaffe (disappointing), followed by a lunch at Lemonade & walk-around in Abbott Kinney 🙂
  • Made another trip up to Portland for work — starting to really love that city (and unusually awesome weather doesn’t hurt)

The year is officially 1/3 over. Bring on the summer!!

What Happened in March 2013

31 Mar

Time for some hi-hi-hi-highlights!

  • New Years Resolutions update: finished Never Eat Alone & made the miso soup as I mentioned a few posts back. Also made this cauliflower cous-cous from A House in the Hills — didn’t get the flavor quite right, but the texture was great!
  • After missing it in theaters, bought & watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 — I was very surprised by the “twist” they had rumored about for so long. Can’t believe the series is over now!
  • Semi-annual dental cleaning where I found out I have yet another cavity (followed by a subsequent filling). I am the worst almost-dentist’s wife ever…
  • Got a series of blood tests to try to diagnose why I’ve been feeling so fatigued/exhausted/headache-y (more on this later, hopefully)
  • Long overdue visit to the Massage Therapy Center — I love Sophia even though I’m killer-sore afterward and she was concerned by how tense I was… uh oh.
  • Attended a free seminar by the Green Smoothie Girl with M — convinced to drink more green smoothies and added a Vitamix to my wishlist
  • Banana Republic Friends & Family promotion weekend — 50% off in-store is *so* hard to resist!
  • Took two Fridays off to spend some quality time with B (short one-week spring break) — Tried a few new(ish) restaurants on lunch/dinner dates — the famous ramen at Tsujita, the new Chipotle in Culver City, Palomino in Westwood
  • Awesome month for music — new releases (JT 20/20 & OneRepublic Native), tour announcements (John Mayer & Sara Bareilles) & the premiere of the Voice
  • A lot of quality time with LA friends, including Lakers games, some poker & discovering how awesome the Seafarers expansion for Settlers is!
  • Some quality time with Non-LA friends too, including a mini class(+friends) reunion in Irvine @ Pieology and lunch at the French Market in Abbot Kinney with J and J
  • Activity at church is picking up a lot — planning for a spring college retreat + an influx of new members and families led to the official launches of a Planning Team and a Children’s Ministry (yay!)
  • Babysat an adorable almost-9 month old named B so a co-worker could go on their first real date night since he was born!
  • My first organic/vegan/non-toxic mani-pedi at Color Me Green in Manhattan Beach (thanks to aforementioned co-worker)

Here’s to April! Can you believe 2013 is a QUARTER over?

New Years Resolutions

14 Mar

Unlike recent years,  I decided to make a handful of New Year’s resolutions the first few days of 2013 and want to keep track of them here. Some of them are going strong, some are beginning to wane, and others have failed completely… though from time to time I contemplate trying to revive them and trek on.

Part of me is in disbelief that 1/6th of the year has already passed, and the other part of me can’t believe how hard it is to keep something going for only 1/6th of a year.


  • Floss – I’ve lived with religious flossers most of my life, but hated flossing. This resolution has helped a ton, though. I’ve skipped a handful of days, but my default is to floss regularly every night now. My hygienist better appreciate!
  • Write one Yelp review – On average, I’ve written at least 1 Yelp review/day this year. I was a lot better about it in January (hardly skipped a day, except when Yelp was down for maintenance… ha) but it’s slowly becoming less fun… uh oh…
  • Record daily spending/finances in YNAB – Utter failure. We were really good about this for the first few weeks of January, but then we went on our trip to Portland and completely stopped. We’ll have to restart eventually, but are both dreading it.


  • Make one new recipe – Barely, barely made the cut off for February, but this one’s alive and kicking. Month one: Smitten Kitchen’s sugar snap pea salad (from her cookbook) which was a lot of chopping/prep, but delicious. Month two: hoisin-glazed brussel sprouts which were just okay. Month three: miso vegetable soup, which I modified a little bit, but loved.
  • Bake one loaf of bread – I’ve been excited about baking bread for a while now… and finally bought all the supplies I needed (including this Artisan Bread book) and baked a few yummy loaves in January. Then, I realized I wanted to start cutting carbs out of my diet (a topic for another post) and ran out of days in February (3 fewer days/month makes a big difference!) so this goal might have gone kaput.
  • Read one book – Short version: going well. Long version: In January, I read this book on willpower that I picked up at a used bookstore on our trip to SLC that was good (not great). In February I read Malcolm Gladwell’s “What the Dog Saw” (coincidentally also purchased at a used bookstore, but this time from Powell’s, in Portland) which started out really interesting but got dry toward the end. For March, I’m in the middle of “Never Eat Alone” which is super interesting, but I’m not exactly sure how to apply. I have a ton of books on my list (more than enough for one/month for 2013) and I’m excited about this resolution.


  • Don’t drink soda – With the exception of some home-brewed root beer I drank on a LRW team outing, I’ve kept this one.
  • Don’t eat fast food – So far, so good. Now and then I want to grab one of B’s fries and I occasionally miss McDonald’s ice cream… but so far, so good.

Whew! I guess it’s easier to not do things than it is to do them. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to keep up with most of these for the rest of the year, but we’ll see.