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23 May

A smattering of random confessions (some are more recent than others) I’ve wanted to jot down in the spirit of #KIR (keepin’ it real):

  • I’ve gone 4-5 days without showering (I then found this article in Real Simple and felt vindicated)
  • The elderly volunteers at my polling place were eating chocolate cake and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The next day, I semi-spontaneously looked for a bakery while driving around, found one, then ate a giant slice of chocolate cake. By myself. I then ate the rest of our baby carrots as an act of penance.
  • We’ve eaten out for dinner every day for a week straight (this has probably happened more than once in the past year)
  • I find piles of Bella’s hair in corners of our house and only stop to sweep them up if I know that people are coming over

A little ashamed to post some of these, but #KIR!


This Morning, I…

15 Apr
  • Preheated oven for sweet potatoes (425 for 1 hour w/ poked holes)
  • Let out Bella to do her thing
  • Jotted down items on my To Do list that I would otherwise forget
  • Packed up my Stitch Fix #3 (sadly, all 5 pieces) to go back
  • Put away dishes
  • Threw out freesias that were dying/dead (my favorite flower!)
  • Restored misc. things to their proper places (one of my favorite “chores”)
  • Made the bed
  • Put away laundry (I now air dry some of my laundry, btw!)
  • Did my thing (ahem) while reading The Splendid Table (a la NPR)’s How To Eat Supper, the cookbook I’m reading now that I finished Smitten Kitchen’s
  • Made a mental note that cookbooks really are awesome gifts
  • Washed and hulled strawberries for snacking
  • Made a green smoothie (spinach, water, banana, ginger, blackerries)
  • Fed Bella
  • Replied to a few emails and messages
  • Prayed (briefly, I’ll confess) for a few friends with needs & requests
  • Fired up the laptop to start working from home

From start to finish, probably about an hour and a half. How was your morning?