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What Happened in June 2013

11 Jul

I made the mistake of putting off this post and we’re already in the full swing of July. Here’s to what I can remember!

  • New Years Resolutions Update: I still haven’t finished OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA, but, I read a good 30+ other books (primarily YA). I completely failed at trying a new recipe & Yelp-ing has been completely replaced by inhaling books. Still flossing almost daily, still doggedly avoiding fast food & not a sip of soda. It’s only halfway through the year… and astounded by how hard it is to establish good habits and make them last a YEAR. Maybe that’s good rationale for picking a few of them–maybe at least one will stick.
  • As mentioned above, still reading a LOT. Regularly visiting the library, following some of my favorite authors on Twitter (the Internet has totally revolutionized book marketing…), updating/scouring Goodreads for books, and reading. Lots of reading. I hope I’m not ruining my eyes…
  • Semi/almost-triannual haircut at Etude Lounge — I only trust Koreans with my hair.
  • Celebrated D + S’s wedding in Anaheim Hills — one of B’s best friends and a sweet reunion of friends.
  • Lots of family gatherings for Father’s Day (the usual) — really liked (and overate) at a restaurant front of a catering company in Orange. Super recommend.
  • Another visit to the endocrinologist, which led to a visit with a dietitian. Was advised to watch my carb intake (did you know grapes and melons have a LOT of carbs?!) and return for more visits in a few months. Joy.
  • Made a midweek trek down to the OC for my stepbrother A’s high school graduation. A tiny bit nostalgic, but otherwise celebratory and excited for him and what is to come.
  • Made a semi-regular trek out to Oak Tree to please B ūüôā
  • Summer movie season continues with Man of Steel… I actually liked it! Slower, more emotional, but I felt like it was building a lot of the story and characters in preparation for what will inevitably be a trilogy.
  • And wrapped up the month with a seriously epic Beyonce concert @ the Staples Center with J. My phone died early so I didn’t get a ton of pictures… but it was very artistic, LOTS of multimedia, a ridiculous amount of crazy lighting, and super fun. Expensive, though, so maybe once in a lifetime!
  • Spent a lot of time researching and planning for our big trip to Seattle!
    • Extended a layover in NorCal to indulge our nostalgia. Driving through Berkeley was a trip because so much has changed even in a few years. Spent the afternoon catching up and talking shop with a couple wedding photographer friends (Mark Kuroda, Jerry & Ingrid), then hopped on a plane to Seattle. Probably too much for this recap–another post, maybe.
  • Discovered and now a huge fan of DogVacay — basically like Airbnb — where you can find people who are willing to “host” your dog while you travel, an alternative to kennels or dog hotels. Bella gets easily anxious and I think she prefers the company of people to more dogs, so it worked out really, really well for us.

Happy Summer!


What Happened in May 2013

1 Jun
  • New Years Resolutions Update: This wasn’t the best month for resolutions. I read¬†a lot, but didn’t finish the original books I had designated for this month (Good to Great and Omnivore’s Dilemma).¬†Made tasty roasted broccoli (simple, but new to us) and this tangy Detoxinista Asian-style cabbage slaw. I’ve been¬†really bad at Yelping. My “to review” bookmarks are out of control. Here’s to a new month?
  • Thanks to Yelp, got a couple free tickets to The Royale at the Kirk Douglas Theater so B and I made it a date night with dinner at one of the newish restaurants in downtown Culver City then walked over to the show. It was something, that’s for sure. A little cliched in the storyline but I liked experiencing and doing something new.
  • Summer movie season officially began with Iron Man 3. How many of these Marvel movies do you think Disney can pump out over the next few years? There has to be an end, right? And for the record, I like Gwyneth. She has mysteriously attracted a lot of haters over the years, but I like her. So there. Followed by¬†Star Trek: Into the Darkness — was pleased by how they handled marketing without giving away real plot points (kudos, Hollywood!) but aside from the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch, felt like the story lacked a lot of oomph.
  • Summer concerts began with Sara B at the El Rey with¬†G! My first concert in who knows how long–and it was¬†so good. Followed by Daughter at the Troubadour, which was a very different experience, but a fun girls outing with¬†G,¬†C, and M.
  • Babysat for friends so they could go see Iron Man 3 (and they were disappointed! boo)
  • (Almost) monthly date with J at Olympic Chungookjang – one of her regular spots that I’ve never been to! Love talking with this girl about work, church, family, the future, stupid things, music, media…
  • Reading¬†a lot of YA fiction (see previous blog post) and fell deeply in love with Eleanor & Park
  • As most holidays are for us–lots and lots of meals for mother’s day. Morangak with my mom’s side, O Fine sushi with my dad’s, then Brasserie Pascal with the in-laws. Lots of love for mamas!
  • Then, celebrated my dad’s & stepsister S’s birthdays at Lunar in Irvine – jjajjangmyun!
  • Busy at church too — Planning Team is growing, and had our first “real” CM meeting at a park in Irvine — beautiful weather, sweet people.
  • At aforementioned park, found out there are people who yell at you for how you treat your dog and act all crazylike. Noted.
  • D&A’s beautiful, beautiful wedding at the Brookside Equestrian Center
  • Played a LOT of intense Settlers (Cities & Knights + Seafarer’s) with D&V for three late nights in a row… then again on Memorial Day with some kind of crazy two-combined-sets-modified-version in a group of 8. Seriously, we’re becoming experts!

The weather¬†really feels like summer, and just in time. Here’s to the kicking off the second-half of 2013 already!

Summer Movies

20 Apr

They’re a-coming!!!

Iron Man 3 (5/3) – The guaranteed-to-be-awesome kickoff movie for the summer.

The Great Gatsby (5/10) – I’m not a Baz fan. I know… I know.

Star Trek Into Darkness¬†(5/15) – I would probably write this off, but for one thing: Benedict Cumberbatch. We’ll be there.

Before Midnight (5/24) – I hadn’t heard of this trilogy before, but am super curious now. If I can get to the first two before this one comes out, maybe it’ll be a nice, light change of pace.

Now You See Me (5/31) – Could go either way, but the combination of Jessie Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine give me hope that it’ll be a good one!

After Earth, The Internship¬†(6/7) – On the fence. Love the idea of Will Smith with his son in the same movie, but not so into the premise of the movie itself… and while the Internship looks hilarious, I don’t know if it’s worth seeing in theaters.

Man of Steel (6/14) – Chris Nolan is enough for me, but if it’s not enough for you–this trailer was SO good.

Monsters University (6/21) – Yay for Pixar doing good! This will make up for the bad karma that a movie like Airplanes must bring.

The Wolverine (7/26) – I don’t exactly understand what’s going on in this trailer, but I bet it’ll be entertaining.

Elysium (8/9) – The themes of this summer involve the apocalypse and outer space… and even though I’m a big Matt Damon fan, I don’t know if it’ll be worth it. Will wait for reviews.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire¬†(11/26) – Okay, so this isn’t coming out in the summer… but the new trailer released this week and I can’t help but include it. Yay J Law!

Did I miss anything? What are you planning to watch?


16 Mar

I fi-fi-finally watched Skyfall! It was one of the movies I really wanted to see in theaters but missed out on because of a bad season at work and whatever. Once it came out on DVD, I was tempted to buy it or go to Blockbuster (they still exist!) because of the whole Redbox-delay-period thing, but time flies and it came out on Redbox this week (plus a little $0.50 coupon — it’s the little things).

Verdict? Entertaining! Very pretty — the fire in the background? WOW. And “Welcome to Scotland” – seriously! The characters didn’t feel very rich, though… I still didn’t really “get” M and I didn’t necessarily empathize with the villan, or anyone for that matter (like Eve? Who are you??). So maybe it wasn’t a great movie, but t’was entertaining, for sure.

Highlights? I love Q! (& I’m sure I’m not alone in that) I loved the groundskeeper (SPOILER ALERT (for the 1% of you who haven’t seen it but intend to): I was terrified he was going to die!), I love Voldemort as a good guy, I also loved that when 007 and M went to Skyfall, they rigged it up like Home Alone… nostalgic in a strange way. I also loved the ending credits song “Adrenaline” (which is on the main soundtrack).

I wasn’t as impressed with the opening sequence as everyone else, but if I hadn’t already listened to the Adele song a dozen (or four) times and if it hadn’t been hyped up as much, maybe I would have. Dunno. Looking forward to the next one though–sounds like we get two more Daniel Craig 007 movies, whether he likes it or not.