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American Idol – Harper Grace

12 Apr

So… somehow I ended up following American Idol this season (it’s the “comeback season” on ABC with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan) and fell in love with Harper Grace during auditions. She sang an original song “Yard Sale” and a cover of “Young, Dumb, and Broke” and then she did AWESOME during Hollywood (I don’t really understand the progression of the competition so bear with me) singing another original called “RIP” — and then she was eliminated! Without much information!

I find myself listening to her songs over and over and over again – she reminds me a little bit of 16 year old Taylor Swift (RIP, ha) and I’m also kind of dipping my toes into country (pop country, but country) at the same time, so maybe she won’t appeal to everyone, but man! So good!

Before I continue on, here are the videos…

Audition – Yard Sale (original)

Audition – Young, Dumb, and Broke (same video, just further along)

Hollywood Week – RIP (original)

She’s SO GOOD! And 16! And writes her own music! So… why on earth would they eliminate her, for no apparent reason? They don’t show her next performance but they give a tiny clip of Katy telling her they think she still needs to grow (or something) and then *poof* she’s gone.


  • She’s a terrible person and no one wanted to work with her (doesn’t seem likely, from the little clips, but who knows)
  • She wasn’t interesting enough of a character for the show (backstory, personality, etc.) so they cut her in favor of a couple other similar-ish girls (Layla Spring, Maddie Poppe – I think she’s better than them both, though)
  • She got signed, or got some other big break/opportunity before/during this, so it made sense to have her exit (this seems super likely – especially since on her social media it sounds like she had a song in a contest (“Country Song”) that was doing well and even got radio play (see below) and she’s doing some publicity, etc. so this might be it… also including a video of her singing on some radio show below.

Anyone know more?? Probably NDAs everywhere so nothing’s gonna get out, but I couldn’t find any more info online and just had to post about it!