Grace is Free – Marci Preheim

15 Jan

Notes and quotes from this little book (Grace is Free by Marci Preheim) from Cruciform Press (published in 2014)


12 – it is dangerous to overemphasize behavior. Focusing on behavior leads to external works and a neglect of the heart, which is where true godliness is or isn’t.

20 – God is far more interested in our hearts and beliefs than he is in our activities.

21 – …her actions would reflect what she truly believed.

22-23 – At the heart of the gospel is a recognition of weakness. The Lord saves both the disciplined and the undisciplined alike—the disciplined from trusting in their capabilities and the undisciplined from their sloth.

32 – No matter how gifted we are, the Lord wants us to be mindful of our weakness.

33 – Fruitfulness comes from believing more, not necessarily doing more. As we abide in Christ, fruit is naturally produced. In nature, branches do not strive to produce fruit…

34 – Bible reading and prayer are important in the believer’s life, but what is the motive? Is it discipline for discipline’s sake, or is it longing to know Christ?

34 – If we must discipline ourselves against our will to draw near to God, then there is a bigger problem than lack of discipline. There’s a crisis of faith. There’s an arrogance that believes there’s no urgent need for his power.

40 – The human heart tends to compare the self with others. … We think we have earned [God’s grace] by our “good behavior,” so others must earn our compassion by their good behavior.

46 – The Lord gave three instructions to this congregation who had lost their first love: remember, repent, and return.

50 – When you do not have the power of the Holy Spirit working within you, sin management is all you have. Sin management is putting up a good moral front and managing your sin by hiding it from people rather than confessing it to eth Lord…. Sin management only works as long as you keep it hidden.

73 – Truth motivates belief, which then motivates behavior changes in the long term.

88 – The remedy for every person, no matter what she is going through, is to believe in her Savior more.

122 – God administers his power only through human weakness… Christian activity is often blindly fueled by human strength—and therefore is powerless.


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