What I’m Reading

26 Sep

More books! More books! Seriously, never-ending pile of  books. I wonder if I’ll get bored of reading… that’d be weird.


  • Why We Broke Up (Amazon) (Daniel Handler) – Not only did I really like the story (totally thought it had a female author), I loved the illustrations (it’s kind of like a graphic novel in that sense). Heartbreak… but shouldn’t have been surprised because of the title, duh.
  • Maine (Amazon) / Commencement (Amazon) (J. Courtney Sullivan) – You hear about this author a lot, but realized she’s not exactly my cup of tea. She’s what you would call a feminist novelist (I think) so there’s a lot of women in her novels… and all the drama that comes with it. MAINE is about a family of women (oh the dynamics…) and COMMENCEMENT is about 4 girls who become friends in college at an all girl’s college. Going to try to read her newest one (THE ENGAGEMENTS) but may not continue reading any of her future works.
  • Feed (Amazon) / Deadline (Amazon) / Blackout (Amazon) (Mira Grant) – FUN! Zombie/political novels set in the future. They’re pretty long, which kind of scared me off, but once I really got into them, super super fun. These are more adult-targeted, so less ooey gooey fun and less breezy and more science and all that, but I liked them.
  • Fire With Fire (Amazon) / Burn for Burn (Amazon) (Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian) – After the PRETTY series, was excited to read these two (plus, AWESOME cover art!). Story of 3 girls who become friends under unusual circumstances, and then the fallout of their scheming. Didn’t catch or initially love the sci-fi turn of the story, but am curious how it’ll resolve all the various conflicts in book 3.


  • Sheltering Rain (Amazon) / Windfallen (Amazon) (Jojo Moyes) – More Jojo Moyes 🙂 As previously mentioned, her older works felt a little more formulaic but still enjoyed them. Am SUPER looking forward to her new  book (THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND) with the gorgeous cover art.
  • On the Jellicoe Road (Amazon) (Melina Marchetta) – One of my favorite book blogger websites mentioned this book as one of their writers’ absolute favorites, so I had to read. Can see why they liked it, but was a little too quirky for me.


  • Austenland (Amazon) /Midnight in Austenland (Amazon) (Shannon Hale) – SO FUN. I knew AUSTENLAND was made into a movie, but didn’t have expectations going into it and love love loved the first book (and was pleasantly surprised by the second book as well). Clever, witty, feel-good. Recommend.
  • Nantucket Blue (Amazon) (Leila Howland) – Another one of those easy-breezy summer books, which I enjoyed.
  • Sweet Tooth (Amazon) (Ian McEwan) – Thought I might like it after seeing all the press, but couldn’t even skim through to the end… and once I saw the spoilers online about the rest of it, was so happy I stopped. Ugh.
  • Big Brother (Amazon) (Lionel Shriver) – Another book around weight… really inspired (is that the right word?) by her involvement in her brother’s life, but didn’t love the way it affected her life and family… and then at the very end, couldn’t handle the ending. Could not.

One Response to “What I’m Reading”

  1. Junia January 15, 2014 at 5:20 am #

    Didn’t know you had a blog!


    I thought THAT’S what you read and was surprised.

    I REALLY recommend MT Andersen’s FEED though.

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