What I’m Reading

25 Sep

As is the theme of all my blog posts today, I AM BEHIND. ACK.


  • What Should A Person Be? (Amazon) (Sheila Heti) – Started and literally could not keep reading. DNF. It’s kind of liberating when I find myself confident that I just don’t want to finish a book… more time for others! Wee!
  • The Magicians (Amazon) / The Magician King (Amazon) (Lev Grossman) – Amazing. Known as the  “Harry Potter for adults” and it really is, in every sense of the word. The stories and the fantasy and the magic are more adult, the characters and their dilemmas are more adult, even though they start as older high school students as they begin their “coming of age” in some ways. Felt like the first was better than the second, but perhaps that’s because a little part of me died when (SPOILER ALERT) A died. At least a little part of me. And a lot of me could care less about Julia, who takes on a bigger role in book 2, somewhat strangely.
  • The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (Amazon) (Jennifer E. Smith) – Short, simple, somewhat predictable, but still so satisfying.
  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Amazon) / The Crown of Embers (Amazon) (Rae Carson) – Yet another amazing fantasy-esque trilogy with a strong female character who has special abilities/powers/etc and discovers them on her own. I hate, but love how the author introduces the love interests and how they’re handled — tastefully, though I predicted how it would twist in book 2. Excited for the 3rd!
  • The Brides of Rollrock Island (Amazon) (Margo Lanagan) – Ethereal, rambling (but clearly thought out) and hard to grasp initially, but once I got my bearings straight, it was such a hauntingly beautiful written novel. My first (I think) sea-creature-esque fantasy novel.


  • Eleanor & Park (audiobook, Amazon) – Listening to the Eleanor & Park audiobook was my first audiobook ever… and it was awesome. I loved that I could “read” while I cooked or cleaned, and because I’ve read it before, it was okay that sometimes I couldn’t hear every word, though at other times I sat in front of my computer, attention rapt. The narrators were so, so good and the way they said things and the way I listened to the story highlighted different moments or nuances that I hadn’t always noticed in reading the actual book. Two thumbs way, way, up.
  • Boy Nobody (Amazon) (Allen Zadoff) – The writing was really bland, though the story intriguing. Really not much more to say. It does remind me that I should start a shelf on Goodreads for books I skimmed, but finished.
  • Gorgeous (Amazon) (Paul Rudnick) – Super strange concept (at least in a novel) with a strange touch of the magical/paranormal (which I totally didn’t expect), but deftly written with so many chuckles and smirks that it was sweet in the end.
  • The Testing (Amazon) (Joelle Charbonneau) – Okay, so I think the marketers or designers for this book did a bad job because I was really reluctant to read The Testing, until I started reading it. The cover made me think it would be kind of dark and masculine… but it was actually a female protagonist with a lot of heart. Low expectations -> high reward. Can’t wait for the second one.


  • Before I Fall (Amazon) (Lauren Oliver) – Lauren Oliver also wrote the DELIRIUM trilogy, so was curious about her first big novel. The premise is a Groundhog Day-esque story where a girl dies and then relives the last day of her life over and over again, attempting to change elements of how it turns out. I loved seeing the character grow and change and develop over and over again, being thwarted sometimes and succeeding in others. Reminded me a bit of the movie Sliding Doors.
  • Born Wicked (Amazon) / Star Cursed (Amazon) (Jessica Spotswood) – Yet another trilogy, but more of a historical fantasy with a trio of witch sisters at its core. The usual political machinations drive me nuts, but I love the dynamic between the sisters and the tension of “prophecies” that have to be fulfilled in some way increase the anticipation for Book 3.

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