What Happened in August 2013

25 Sep

I can’t remember a lot of the little things that happened in August, but a lot of big, exciting things happened and they were SUPER memorable 😀

  • New Year’s Resolution Update: I will confess that I’ve snuck (sneaked?) a fry or two from B’s McDonald’s and In N Out meals… #guilty.
  • Met up for good ol’ Korean food in KTown with a friend from Cal/Haas who moved down to LA and is engaged!! Crazy realizing I haven’t seen her in-person for four years!!
  • Spent 3 of the 4 weekends in the OC… and for two of them, our friend the 405 had major closures. Ugh. Would love it if they could STOP DOING THAT. kthx.
  • Attended C&S’ wedding and was a fun clash of worlds — B’s in dental school with C, but we met him through S, who was attending our church before she got engaged. Small world, right?
  • More mini-reunions the next weekend at our friends’ baby’s “Dohl” (Korean first birthday party) — lots of friends from Cal, including meeting the adorable baby girl M! NEVER MET HER and loooooooved her. I think I just love babies… 😀
  • Hung out and then ate out and stayed with old friends D&J at their house. It has a DOGGY DOOR! And Bella liked it! 😀
  • A couple of delayed birthday gatherings with family 🙂
  • TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT AT THE STAPLES CENTER. AHHHHHH!!!! J & I were definitely the minority (in age and ethnicity) but we had SO MUCH FUN. AHHHH!!! It was a totally different kind of fun than the Bey concert — she is such a performer! I think she felt a little TOO polished at times, but I love love loved Holy Ground and all the crazy lights and acrobats going up and down. (Starting at around 2:45 of this video) and OMG SARA BAREILLES was one of the surprise guest stars! The other I had never heard of (Cheryl something) but when they were standing up there, you realize omg TSwift is tall! And 5’10” looks like that?!

  • and then, my belated birthday present from B, was (drumroll)  A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND! kekekekkek! We went with two other couple-friends and it was so fun. Spent a lot of time in CA Adventure, which I had only been to once, and even though we were waiting in line for 2 hours for Cars Land (before it broke down), the passes to cut the line were super awesome and we ended up riding everything worth riding that day, PLUS, awesome fireworks. WEEEE!
  • The month ended with us flying from LA -> Louisville, KY to begin an epic road trip… which… I’ll post about separately. But basically we flew to KY, then rented a car and drove to St Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa, and Little Rock. Got to see a lot of old friends and check off 5 more states off our list 🙂

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