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24 Jul




Reading is still my favorite hobby and way to spend free time (or even non-free time) — it’s such a magical escape. Here’s yet another overdue recap…


  • That Summer (Amazon) / Someone Like You (Amazon) / Keeping the Moon (Amazon) / Dreamland (Amazon) / This Lullaby (Amazon) / The Truth About Forever (Amazon) / Just Listen (Amazon) / The Moon and More (Amazon) (Sarah Dessen) – I think I’ve read half of these before, but I couldn’t remember all the nuances and details of each story, so I read them all again. I also hadn’t realized how Dessen adds subtle hints and throwbacks to characters in earlier novels, so I intentionally looked for them and loved it. In an interview she mentioned that she started doing it as a response to reader requests for sequels, without actually writing sequels. They’re all enjoyable, poignant, and so truly capture that hope and intensity of what life feels like it holds in high school. I remember one of her novels making me straight up cry my eyes out and despite my reputation as a sap, it was the first book that had ever truly made me cry.
  • Code Name Verity (Amazon) (Elizabeth Wein) – Picked it up at Elliot Bay Books on our trip to Seattle. Was a little wary at first because it was historical fiction and definitely not the typical romantic/dystopian/fantasy book I had been reading, but it is VERY clever. So clever. Once I started to catch on to some of what the author was doing, I would flip back and forth to figure out how earlier I should have caught on (or possibly couldn’t have…). SO clever.
  • Graceling (Amazon) / Fire (Amazon) / Bitterblue (Amazon) (Kristen Cashore) – I also bought GRACELING at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle because I had seen it mentioned in a number of author interviews where they heralded it as one of the first fantasy novels/trilogies with a strong female character, etc. Then, as I read it in our hotel room, I realized I had TOTALLY read it before! Doh. But, I loved it before and then loved it again. So much so that I looked for one of the two “sequels” at the next used bookstore we visited and found BITTERBLUE at Magus Books near U Washington, then requested FIRE from the library. FIRE is a “companion” with different characters from GRACELING, but BITTERBLUE is more of a sequel that ties all 3 together. Excellent, excellent books that I’m happy to own.

I’ve been picking up a handful of non-YA (aka grown-up) books here and there, mostly titles that are super popular or that I see recommended highly by someone whose opinion I trust. But, I’m rarely moved by them and it usually reinforces the fact that I’m a YA reader through and through.

  • Revenge Wears Prada (Amazon) (Laura Weisberger) – The original was hilarious and while I thought it wasn’t bad, it didn’t have the same kick to it… and I didn’t really love the ending. A fun summer chick-lit read, but nothing more.
  • What Alice Forgot (Amazon) (Liane Moriarty) – I actually almost stopped reading because it was really slow for me in the beginning (it’s a pretty lengthy book considering how little actually happens in it) but unlike the book above, I loved how everything got resolved — both realistic (well, as realistic as it can be given the premise of the book) and heartwarming.
  • Truth in Advertising (Amazon) (John Kenny) – Did not love. Liked some of the funny references to clients and the ridiculousness of marketing and behind-the-scenes agency life, but too… real? IDK.
  • Attachments (Amazon) (Rainbow Rowell) – Rainbow wrote one of my favorite books of all time: ELEANOR & PARK. This was her first book and really unique in a lot of ways, like the hero and the writing style/format. I also love that the character named Beth is short for Bethany (or so Rainbow told me on Twitter!).
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (Amazon) (Mindy Kaling) – Hilarious. I loved the format (random chapters on a variety of topics) and I love how real it is. So much of THE MINDY SHOW reminds me of this book and she is a character!

More to come! Books for all!

One Response to “What I’m Reading”

  1. sophia July 24, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    BETHANY… we are seriously book kindred spirits… SERIOUSLY!

    ok so i’ve gone back and forth for a really long time about sarah dessen books bc they seem to be really popular but i can’t really find a title that compels me to start reading her books. if you had to recommend ONE from her, which would it be?

    i read graceling the other day.. or more like, i gobbled up graceling the other day. fire and bitterblue both arrived from the library today and i can’t wait to read! thanks for the rec!

    HAHAHA revenge wears prada is also in my stack of books from the library altho i heard the reviews were sort of blah compared to original so i’m not too excited to read it… maybe i’ll read that one last 🙂

    haven’t heard of the other titles you listed but code name verity sounds VERY interesting.. i actually really love historical fiction. so… into my queue that goes!

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