What Happened in June 2013

11 Jul

I made the mistake of putting off this post and we’re already in the full swing of July. Here’s to what I can remember!

  • New Years Resolutions Update: I still haven’t finished OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA, but, I read a good 30+ other books (primarily YA). I completely failed at trying a new recipe & Yelp-ing has been completely replaced by inhaling books. Still flossing almost daily, still doggedly avoiding fast food & not a sip of soda. It’s only halfway through the year… and astounded by how hard it is to establish good habits and make them last a YEAR. Maybe that’s good rationale for picking a few of them–maybe at least one will stick.
  • As mentioned above, still reading a LOT. Regularly visiting the library, following some of my favorite authors on Twitter (the Internet has totally revolutionized book marketing…), updating/scouring Goodreads for books, and reading. Lots of reading. I hope I’m not ruining my eyes…
  • Semi/almost-triannual haircut at Etude Lounge — I only trust Koreans with my hair.
  • Celebrated D + S’s wedding in Anaheim Hills — one of B’s best friends and a sweet reunion of friends.
  • Lots of family gatherings for Father’s Day (the usual) — really liked (and overate) at a restaurant front of a catering company in Orange. Super recommend.
  • Another visit to the endocrinologist, which led to a visit with a dietitian. Was advised to watch my carb intake (did you know grapes and melons have a LOT of carbs?!) and return for more visits in a few months. Joy.
  • Made a midweek trek down to the OC for my stepbrother A’s high school graduation. A tiny bit nostalgic, but otherwise celebratory and excited for him and what is to come.
  • Made a semi-regular trek out to Oak Tree to please B 🙂
  • Summer movie season continues with Man of Steel… I actually liked it! Slower, more emotional, but I felt like it was building a lot of the story and characters in preparation for what will inevitably be a trilogy.
  • And wrapped up the month with a seriously epic Beyonce concert @ the Staples Center with J. My phone died early so I didn’t get a ton of pictures… but it was very artistic, LOTS of multimedia, a ridiculous amount of crazy lighting, and super fun. Expensive, though, so maybe once in a lifetime!
  • Spent a lot of time researching and planning for our big trip to Seattle!
    • Extended a layover in NorCal to indulge our nostalgia. Driving through Berkeley was a trip because so much has changed even in a few years. Spent the afternoon catching up and talking shop with a couple wedding photographer friends (Mark Kuroda, Jerry & Ingrid), then hopped on a plane to Seattle. Probably too much for this recap–another post, maybe.
  • Discovered and now a huge fan of DogVacay — basically like Airbnb — where you can find people who are willing to “host” your dog while you travel, an alternative to kennels or dog hotels. Bella gets easily anxious and I think she prefers the company of people to more dogs, so it worked out really, really well for us.

Happy Summer!


One Response to “What Happened in June 2013”

  1. Mark Kuroda January 11, 2014 at 11:43 pm #

    And it was very good seeing you!

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