What I’m Reading

14 Jun

Doing a lot of reading (and occasionally forgetting to take pictures) and restarted updating my dormant Goodreads account–If you’re on Goodreads let’s be friends!

Also getting caught up-to-speed on the YA book/publishing world thanks to super-responsive, friendly folks on Twitter (authors do an AMAZING job of being engaged!) and blogs like The Midnight Garden and Jenna Does Books. I’m daydreaming about being a part of this publishing world but that world is unfortunately headquartered in New York (or London).

That being said… thank goodness for the internet 🙂

  • DELIRIUM (Amazon) / PANDEMONIUM (Amazon) / REQUIEM (Amazon) (Lauren Oliver) – My kindred-book-spirit S recommended a handful of books and the Delirium series was one of them. Straightforward dystopian/sci-fi/romance YA series where the premise is that the society basically outlaws and out-sciences true love (because it causes so many problems, natch). Easy, fun reads and I always appreciate discovering a new series as it’s ending so I’m not waiting around for the final resolution (REQUIEM was published in March of this year).


  • DREAMLAND (Amazon) / ALONG FOR THE RIDE (Amazon) / KEEPING THE MOON (Amazon) (Sarah Dessen) – I had thought I had read all of Sarah Dessen’s books… but I must have been wrong! DREAMLAND is one of her older, and definitely heaviest works, a bit of a heartbreaker. ALONG FOR THE RIDE & KEEPING THE MOON were both great — not sequels in any way, but both set in summers in Colby, a town I’m now realizing Dessen often uses as a setting for her novels. I also (finally) realized that she regularly has characters from previous works pop in and out in little cameos as an act of fanservice (wee!). It does also make me want to go back and read some of the ones I’ve read to figure out how the different characters intertwine (or I could look on Wikipedia, I guess, but that’s way less fun).
  • THE KILL ORDER (Amazon) (James Dashner) – Forced myself to read the prequel to THE MAZE RUNNER series and it was stimulating, but… disappointing. It talks about the actual characters from the series very little and I think I read it more because I have this strange expectation of myself where I really need to finish books and/or entire series. I need to remind myself that there are too many good books to waste time on books I don’t love!
  • THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX (Amazon) / THE FOX INHERITANCE (Amazon) (Mary E. Pearson) – I saw quite a few authors/lists mention AOJF as one of the first books in the genre and inspirational for many, so figured it was an appropriate read. It was definitely different in some of the narrative structure (is that the right word…) and heavy on the sci-fi, but I wasn’t as engaged. Read the sequel because of my aforementioned self-induced pressure to read sequels, but will possibly skip on book 3 (FOX FOREVER).
  • SHADOW & BONE (Amazon) / SIEGE & STORM (Amazon) (Leigh Bardugo) – And for a breath of fresh air — I loved the first two books of the Grisha Trilogy, which I will officially call one of my favorite fantasy series of the year. SO GOOD. I devoured Book 1, ran to Barnes & Noble to read the second (because I couldn’t wait for it to make its way through my library queue), then re-read Book 1. I’ve really only re-read two books since I’ve re-started my fervent book reading, ELEANOR & PARK and now, SHADOW & BONE. Maybe I have a thing for ampersands…

    Anyway, back to the Grisha Trilogy–think, GAME OF THRONES for the YA world plus a healthy dose of magic, set in a world inspired by Russia, with fewer characters and a female protaganist with some romance mixed in. So good. Dug through blogs and Twitter to find this two-part interview with the author Leigh (pronounced Lee) (Part One, Part Two)  and another short Goodreads interview with Leigh Bardugo.

I have a few more to post, but this is getting long enough. Til next time!


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  1. sophia June 16, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    lol oh dear, there are gonna be some more books that i have to add to my queue after reading this post! 🙂

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