What I’m Reading

5 Jun

It’s that time again! Still on a roll with these YA books and thanks to my dear friend S‘ recommendations, I still have quite a ways to go before I exhaust the genre.



  • Cinder (Amazon) / Scarlet (Amazon) (Marissa Meyer) – Okay, officially my favorite YA series right now — “The Lunar Chronicles”! Despite having really enjoyed a lot of the books/series I’ve been reading… I really do think Cinder and Scarlet top that list. I love the twist of the fairy tale inserted into a somewhat dystopian futuristic world and I love that she introduces a different character with each novel and somehow twist their stories together. I do NOT love the fact that Book 3 (Cress) isn’t coming out until next Spring but… I mean, what else am I going to do? And Book 4? 2015. Seriously. Ugh.
  • Legend (Amazon – not pictured, whoops!) / Prodigy (Amazon) (Marie Lu) – A great couple books from an Asian (!) writer — dystopian future, supposedly Les Mis inspired (but I didn’t really see it). Fun! I like that they actually take place in the USA (but obviously in the future) and she gives a really well thought-out backstory as to why the world became the way it was. No official news of the Book 3 yet, but I’m sure it’s coming!


  • Gathering Blue (Amazon) / The Messenger (Amazon) (Lois Lowry) – Somehow, I confused myself into reading Son first (which is actually Book #4), then read The Messenger (uh, Book #3), then read Gathering Blue (Book #2). Whoops. It was a little strange reading the future storylines and plotpoints and then reading back and reading the history of how things got to that point… but… moving on. Everything I mentioned about Lois Lowry stands true — I love that she writes with patience and deliberately. She’s not writing in a way to give you candy and make a movie–she’s writing very intentionally and it’s a breath of fresh air. It says a lot that a lot of these other dystopian YA fiction authors always mention Lois Lowry and The Giver in their “who inspires you?” FAQ. The OG.
  • The Fault in Our Stars (Amazon) (John Green) – I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. The hullablaoo around this book on Amazon made me prepared to sit down with my stack of post-its and tissues but… you know what? It was just too literary for me. When I read the (very lengthy) Q&A posted on John Green’s website, I realized he wrote a book that could be legitimately dissected and discussed in high school English classrooms with foreshadowing, metaphors, symbolism, etc. And not to say I dislike all those things in it of themselves… but… for some reason, it didn’t click. But don’t mind me — Time magazine and the editors at Amazon both gave it super high recognition so you might like it, anyway!
  • The Scorch Trials (Amazon) / The Death Cure (Amazon) (James Dashner) – Finally picked up the next two books in The Maze Runner series and while I didn’t necessarily find myself dying to read them, I flew through them–like, read them both in a night. They’re super tense and action-packed, with less emotion/romance/etc but a lot more suspense. I’m still not exactly sure if I liked the ending — (SPOILER ALERT) — I honestly had so much wariness of “is this real?” “is that real?” “this must be a trap…” “oh wait, there’s only x# pages left, it must be real!” that I couldn’t really enjoy the finale. And it wasn’t quite good enough where it warrants a second read though I think it’d be a lot clearer who’s doing what if I did read it again.

Phew! What are YOU reading??


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