The Voice – Top 6

5 Jun

It’s weird to watch an episode of The Voice and not be anticipating what craziness Judith Hill will pull off… or what interesting vocal twists and turns Sarah Simmons will perform. I miss them.

But the show must go on, eh?

It does feel like The Country Voice now, with even Sasha freaking Allen singing country. Her other song, though, was Aretha. And it was Good. And it was a nice respite from all the country.

While Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington are clearly strong vocalists and do really well, I just can’t find anything SPECIAL about them to draw me in. If anything, it feels like they’re going after what makes Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson so great, but the world already has a Carrie Underwood and we already have a Kelly Clarkson!

Danielle Bradbery, on the other hand… I loved her second song! That ending was fannnntastic. The favorite to win, right?

And Michelle Chamuel, somehow you have charmed the ears off of America and we LOVE you. It is so strange. Somehow your quirkiness and genuine nervousness in the first few episodes has been replaced by a quiet determination and confidence that allows you to sing Taylor Swift with a straight face (I love Taylor but I can’t hear this song without hearing goats anymore).

I’m also impressed (again) by Usher and the strings he can pull. I can’t wait until we get a Bieber appearance! But wait. He’s not having the best PR of his life so mayyyybe not.

And okay fine, the Swon Brothers. I can’t believe they’re still here! I will say that they seem like fun guys, based on the little tidbits you see in interviews and videos… but, still, I’m picking them as most likely to get eliminated. And since I haven’t watched tonight’s episode… that’ll be my theory for now.

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