The Voice – Top 6

30 May

I’ve skipped a few weeks of blog posts but that last elimination stunned me, so it was time to put the pen to paper (or fingers to the keys).

Top 12 -> Top 10

  • Three weeks later, I can’t say that any one of the performances stuck out in my mind… so I won’t bother highlighting any.
  • Was not surprised Garrett was eliminated. He just wasn’t the strongest, despite having a seemingly sweet personality and great rapport with Shakira.
  • VEDO had such a great story and charisma, but this really was a season for the ladies.

Top 10 -> Top 8

  • Even though I’ve never been the biggest Judith fan, her Michael Jackson rocked! (can’t find the official version for some reason)

  • Big kudos to Holly Tucker — I kind of loved hearing “How Great Thou Art” on national TV… not to mention it was very timely give all the destruction in Oklahoma.

  • And I loved Michelle Chamuel covering Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason”:

  • Kris & Josiah going home… was sad, but not surprising, again. If anything, I’m proud of them for getting this far!

Top 8 -> Top 6

  • Michelle’s “Grenade” was awesome — props to Usher for great song choices for Michelle the past few weeks.

  • But… in my opinion, absolute standout performance was Amber Carrigton’s “Skyfall”. So gorgeous. And it shows crazy versatility because she’s a country singer! Or well, country-pop. Makes me a little worried for Ms. Danielle!

  • OMG that elimination!!! I totally get it. Sarah’s been at the bottom before so it wasn’t a complete shocker… but I just really liked her! From the very beginning — that blind audition video really, really sold me.

  • And Judith… so pro, so polished. Maybe that’s really what screwed her in the end?

And at the very least, it’s clearly a country-dominant season, so props to Holly (she’s still here?!), Amber, Danielle, and the Swon Brothers. All the non-country fans can now collectively back Michelle and Sasha… will be interesting to see if they can out-vote the rest of the country bloc. OR maybe this overwhelmingly country season convinced the rest of America to tune out, hence the drop in ratings?


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