The Voice – Playoffs

9 May

Yet another round of eliminations, this time with “America” voting for two, their coach saving a third, and then sending one person from each team home. A hybrid of sorts, which I like. Sometimes coaches really do know their contestants best and America’s just dumb (or too superficial). But, at the end of the day, that coach isn’t going to buy 1,000 of their records, yknow? So America it is.

Across the two episodes, I really only liked a few of the songs from the second. Of course, Sarah and Judith were awesome, but I didn’t get that overwhelmingly awesome feeling toward any of the performance. Random other observations:

  • I love, love, love Usher’s coaching methods (so random, but creative!)
  • The coach mashups (Blake + Shakira and Usher + Adam) were really interesting
  • I loved that there was so much to fit into each episode there was less room for filler. Thank goodness.
  • Blake is SO enthusiastic and effusive… I wonder if it works in favor for his contestants?
  • Blake chose really country songs, but I suppose he’s appealing to the country audience? Would have almost preferred he pick more pop-friendly songs so that other people could relate, but I was right there with Usher and his “this is my first country concert” feeling.
  • Shakira (I think) chose really, really good songs for her contestants.

The performances I particularly liked:

Garrett Gardner – he’s always better than I expect!

Holly Tucker – but I don’t know if she can really compete with…

Danielle Bradbery – I think she has greater commercial potential than Sarah Simmons, even though I love Sarah’s voice

and Sasha Allen woooo!!!

Have a favorite?? I haven’t seen the verdicts yet, so no spoilers please!


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