The Voice – Playoffs Results!

9 May

Nothing entirely surprising, but suspenseful, nonetheless! This atypical Wednesday episode also marked the return of the Voice I remember… the Voice that loves to fill up screentime with random performances and guest artists that frankly, I don’t care much for. Thank goodness for Hulu and fast forward!

Team Blake

  • Safe: Holly Tucker & Danielle Bradbery (what I predicted)
  • Blake Saved: Swon Brothers
  • I don’t know if I believe Blake when he says, “This isn’t one of the scenarios I expected” because it’s what expected! And to be honest, I’m pretty sure the Swon Brothers aren’t going to make it through the next round (nor would Justin have) so it’s just letting them down easy.
  • Holly really endeared herself to everyone with her opening up about “I don’t feel beautiful” and clearly it converted into votes.
  • And I love Danielle! Ever since she sang T. Swift…

Team Shakira

  • Safe: Sasha Allen & Kris Thomas (not surprising)
  • Shakira Saved: Garrett Gardner
  • Do you really think Shakira pulled Garrett’s name out of the bag and decided to save him? Loca! I do think that Garrett is really really improving and he’s obviously become one of Shakira’s favorites on a personal level, and given that Karina really screwed up a couple weeks ago, I think it’s fair that she didn’t get another chance.
  • Sasha was a shoo-in and I think Kris was the logical 2nd winner because of his unique, strong voice.
  • Aside from Vedo, he’s one of the only strong male singers left.

Team Usher

  • Safe: Michelle Chamuel & Vedo (what I predicted, but a little surprising)
  • Usher Saved: Josiah
  • Again, I don’t know if I believe Usher’s whole “Didn’t see that one coming” but then again… I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Josiah’s just a pretty face but like I said with Karina, I think Cathia already got her “second chance” so it seemed fair that it was time for her to go. Not to mention, there are already a LOT of really strong powerful female singers and I just don’t think she could stand her own.
  • MICHELLE! Even though I had a feeling she’d make it through, I still got a little “squee!” when they called her name. Michelle’s success will be driven a lot by the force of her real, unpolished personality and the power of all the “dorks” voting out there.
  • And Vedo… one of the stronger male singers and the things going on in his personal life and the way he’s presented them on the show really allow people to connect with him. Whether it’s a smart move or just being real… it’s definitely helping!
  • PS: Cathia had a great “going away” speech — with great spirit.
  • PPS: Anyone else notice that super cute way Josiah & Michelle were holding their hands as they left??? uh, that would be an adorable couple. And great publicity.

Team Adam

  • Safe: Judith Hill & Amber Carrington (half… surprised?)
  • Adam Saved: Sarah Simmons
  • I hoped/wanted to assume Sarah would be safe (second to Judith, of course) but Amber really killed it in her solo performance so I wasn’t 100% surprised. It must be the power of Blake+Miranda (or something), but the country fans are clearly voting!
  • I also wasn’t surprised that Adam chose Sarah over Caroline Glaser, because let’s be real–Caroline’s voice and style can’t compete with some of these other pros at this point.
  • Random thought: How do you think it feels to be a show front-runner (Judith) but have to pretend to be shocked and thankful when you get voted through? I wonder if you get tired of it.

AND–I just realized, despite Shakira’s huge following and popularity among the Latin-American world… not a single one is left at this point. Maybe next year?

Phew! Down to the final 12! I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the coaches’ saves eliminated next, but hope that Sarah can somehow make herself more lovable and vote-for-me-able. Sounds like the next few weeks will be live shows + results shows on Mondays & Tuesdays respectively. Can’t wait.

One Response to “The Voice – Playoffs Results!”

  1. Janet May 10, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    but josiah is married!! to a korean woman! btw, i lost interest in cathia after she rehearsed with mary.. she was really catty.

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