What I’m Reading

6 May

That library card will be the death of me! The endless supply of books that I can request and pick up from the nearest branch has led to a much taller pile of books by my nightstand. I’m not complaining, but it does mean you’ll have to bear with more of these “What I’m Reading” posts.

I will also humbly confess that I love YA fiction. I love all books (or most) but there’s something about that angsty teen genre that really hits home. I love the little (but big) conflicts, the tension between friends, siblings, parents… I love them! So don’t judge me!


  • Looking for Alaska: John Green’s most recent novel The Fault In Our Stars has been at the top of the Bestsellers list for quite some time, so while waiting for that one, I picked up a couple of his others. I believe Looking for Alaska was one of his first, and it was compelling. Reading more than one book from the same author in the same week is a fun experience–getting a sense of that writer’s personality and his quirks. It’s harder for me to “get into” books narrated from a male perspective, but I enjoy his characters. (Amazon)
  • What Happened to Goodbye: I’ve been a big Sarah Dessen fan for a while. Lock and Key was one of my absolute favorite YA novels. This one was an easy, breezy read but didn’t necessarily move me the same way some of her others have. That being said, would still recommend it for a light summer read. (Amazon)
  • An Abundance of Katherines: This was my 2nd John Green of the week. A strange, kind of gimmicky premise (the main character’s dated 19 Katherines) with a weird twist of mathematics (I think he likes smart/intellectual characters) but still an enjoyable read. What I appreciate is that John Green’s stories aren’t super predictable and they don’t necessarily follow the archetypes you’d expect. (Amazon)

What are you reading?

One Response to “What I’m Reading”

  1. Jennifer May 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    If you’re up for more John Green, check out The Fault in Our Stars! It’s flipping heartwrenching, but well-written.

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