The Voice – The Knockouts

6 May

Because I skipped Season 3, this was my first time watching a knockout round. It makes sense that they had to add another layer before the live shows if they wanted to extend the season, start with more contestants, but still keep things interesting.

  • Amber vs. Midas Whale (Team Blake) – I’m still not sold on the duo concept, and Amber did good.
  • Garrett vs. Tanya (Team Shakira) – I cannot believe Garrett got this good. Seriously.
  • Caroline vs. Amy (Team Adam) – I honestly don’t think either did that great, but Amy really underwhelmed, and no second chances anymore, love. I actually forgot Caroline had been stolen off Blake’s team, so good for her.
  • Kris vs. Mary (Team Shakira) – Kris was great and Mary really, really underwhelmed. They make it so easy for their coaches sometimes.
  • Judith vs. Orlando (Team Adam) – I mean, honestly? No one can win against this woman. Except, maybe Sarah Simmons…
  • Monique vs. Karina (Team Shakira) – I think Karina’s great, but she really DIDN’T impress here. She knew it too. It’s only because of her potential and promise that Shakira chose her because Monique did GOOD. Here’s the first (of many) example of folks stolen from Adam’s team that got to stick around…
  • Warren vs. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam) – Uh, duh. Sarah. I love how the producers try really hard in the pre-performance segments to make it seem like these are close battles, but you know they’re not.

  • Sasha Allen vs. Shawna P (Team Shakira) – And as much as I love Sarah, this Sasha Allen “At Last” cover was fantastic. Shawna really, really gave it her all too, but picking Sasha was a no-brainer after that. She was stolen off of Adam’s team, which makes me think Adam’s original team was just too good for its own good.

And then there was Round 2…

  • Savannah vs. Justin (Team Blake) – I liked Savannah, but Justin’s last note was impressive…
  • Josiah vs. Jess (Team Usher) – You know what, neither is good enough to beat Judith or Sarah, so it is what it is.
  • Holly vs. Luke (Team Blake) – Luke was GREAT here, but because he was with Blake… the country gal takes it.
  • Audrey vs. Michelle (Team Usher) – Michelle Chamuel is SO adorable. I know that’s totally not the word she would ever want to be described as, but she is. I love how real, real, real she is. That being said, I don’t necessarily love her voice. And on a show called, well, you know… that can be a problem. (And Audrey–I didn’t even recognize her! Was it the makeup?)

  • Danielle Bradbery vs. Taylor (Team Blake) – I LOVE Danielle!!! I didn’t love Taylor to begin with, but Danielle is so innocent, consistent, and genuine… and it’s reflected in her voice. Do yourself a favor and just listen to the first half, ha.

  • Vedo vs. C Perkins (Team Usher) – Vedo literally took it away, and it was tearjerking, for sure.
  • Grace vs. the Swon Brothers (Team Blake) – 2nd tier contestants, sorry to say.
  • Cathia vs. Ryan Innes (Team Usher) – I cannot, cannot believe Ryan would try to do something so different than what he excels at… and it cost him his spot. I had to go back and watch him sing Gravity again and it makes me so angry! Yay for Cathia!! I love that she was the only (?) one of the stolen participants to make it through to the live rounds, kudos to her.

Some random other thoughts:

  • If you watch on Hulu, have you noticed how glitchy and inaccurate the captions are?! Bugs me! 
  • I’m so, so, so glad that they stopped interrupting EVERYTHING with commercials! Thank you for just TELLING us who wins, without us having to *hold our breath* through another commercial.
  • If you’ve watched in previous seasons, you will feel me when I say, thank goodness we don’t have to deal with constant Christina Millian interruptions… at least not yet.

Bring on the live shows!!!


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