The Voice – Battle Rounds 3 & 4

5 May

I fell a little bit behind on the Voice, but took it easy this weekend and caught myself right up. So… the rest of the battles!

  • Jess vs. Vedo (Team Usher) – This was a great duo! One of my favorite-est battles, for sure. I liked Jess for her personality (and her voice) and was a bit disappointed she didn’t get stolen.
  • Monique vs. Luke (Team Shakira) – Not surprised Shakira chose Monique (and I’m not sure I love her), but I loved the battle after the battle when Luke chose Blake and you could see Usher’s astonishment on his face. Seriously!
  • Savannah vs. Jacqui (Team Blake) – No surprise that Savannah got the go.
  • Kris vs. C Perkins (Team Shakira) – Cannot believe Kris’ voice — it’s just amazing! Even though C Perkins was great, you just can’t compete with Kris and his strong, super unique, delicate voice. Not my favorite, but still a front runner.
  • Midas Whale vs. Patrick (Team Adam) – Liked them better in rehearsal.. and I still struggle with the whole duo dynamic. You’d think it makes them twice as strong but that’s not really the case.
  • Ryan Innes vs. Orlando Dixon (Team Usher) – I am a BIG Ryan Innes fan. BIG FAN!

Phew! And then the last round…

  • Brandon vs. Shawna (Team Shakira) – Shawna is definitely a pro, but I’m struggling because I know she’ll struggle in the live rounds.
  • Duncan vs. Sarah (Team Adam) – Uh, okay. Sarah rocks. And she was paired against someone who wasn’t even really televised to this point.

They glossed over a few other battles where you see that Michelle Chamuel makes it through (woo! I wish they had shown more of her!), Amy Whitcomb (… who was this again?) and Justin Withers (who… is… this…).

  • Cathia vs. Mary Miranda (Team Shakira) – Both of them clearly idolize her and have powerful voices (wow for an entire song all in Spanish!), and while Mary has her charisma (they showed Shakira saying that twice, so it must have meant something to her), I liked Cathia better. Mary rubs me the wrong way kinda sorta. Happy Cathia got stolen!

I’m super impressed by how much some of them improve (or seemingly improve) from their blind auditions to this round. Do you think the contestants know how many steals each coach has yet? Like, when Cathia is all happy to get stolen, do you think she realized there was one steal left and she was last?

It’s also interesting for me to think through some of the nuances of strategy and how the coaches decided to pair people up… and how they decide who to keep. A few of them “stuck to what they’re used to” (Blake + country, Shakira + Latin) but I wonder if that’ll come back to bite them in the butt next year in the blind auditions because they fight for some of the non-like-them people too! Anyone else think that?

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