Summer Movies

20 Apr

They’re a-coming!!!

Iron Man 3 (5/3) – The guaranteed-to-be-awesome kickoff movie for the summer.

The Great Gatsby (5/10) – I’m not a Baz fan. I know… I know.

Star Trek Into Darkness (5/15) – I would probably write this off, but for one thing: Benedict Cumberbatch. We’ll be there.

Before Midnight (5/24) – I hadn’t heard of this trilogy before, but am super curious now. If I can get to the first two before this one comes out, maybe it’ll be a nice, light change of pace.

Now You See Me (5/31) – Could go either way, but the combination of Jessie Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine give me hope that it’ll be a good one!

After Earth, The Internship (6/7) – On the fence. Love the idea of Will Smith with his son in the same movie, but not so into the premise of the movie itself… and while the Internship looks hilarious, I don’t know if it’s worth seeing in theaters.

Man of Steel (6/14) – Chris Nolan is enough for me, but if it’s not enough for you–this trailer was SO good.

Monsters University (6/21) – Yay for Pixar doing good! This will make up for the bad karma that a movie like Airplanes must bring.

The Wolverine (7/26) – I don’t exactly understand what’s going on in this trailer, but I bet it’ll be entertaining.

Elysium (8/9) – The themes of this summer involve the apocalypse and outer space… and even though I’m a big Matt Damon fan, I don’t know if it’ll be worth it. Will wait for reviews.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (11/26) – Okay, so this isn’t coming out in the summer… but the new trailer released this week and I can’t help but include it. Yay J Law!

Did I miss anything? What are you planning to watch?

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