Tips & Tricks {Household}

18 Apr

Because they’ve been helpful to me, I wanted to share a couple of household tips I’ve seen on Twitter:

America’s Test Kitchen is an amazing organization that runs the ATK TV show, Cooks Illustrated magazine (no ads!), a lot LOT of cookbooks, and much more. They’ve re-tweeted this tip a few times since I’ve followed them, but I think that’s purely because it’s that useful. I hadn’t realized people microwaved their lemons in the first place, but I do see the genius behind a simple technique that maximizes the juice you can get from the lemon.

Bonus: Choose your lemons (and limes) by their skin–smooth is key. And most citrus fruits should feel heavier than they look… this works for me when it comes to picking out tangerines, oranges, etc.

From the Pioneer Woman (oh Ree…) whom I adore even as she’s exploded in popularity recently… I recently started to air/hang-dry more of our laundry, particularly my cotton sweaters/tops (to prevent shrinkage) and a lot of our “colors.” I didn’t really have a problem with wrinkling but when I saw this tip from the Pioneer Woman, I thought it was genius! I’ve used it on khakis/chinos and jeans and it works for us.

Hope these help you and your household! Do you already do or use either of these tips?

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