The Voice – Battles Round 2

18 Apr

Tuesday episodes of the Voice are always a little less exciting because they’re trying to cram so much into only an hour (vs. the 1.5 hour Monday episodes), but battles are battles!

  • Battle #1: Warren vs. Michael (Team Adam) — I actually liked Michael better… but I do think the coaches are choosing based on versatility and marketability, not just 100% pure talent, especially when it’s close
  • Battle #2: Josiah vs. Jeff (Team Usher) — You had to know Usher would pick Josiah after that botched practice with Jeff… not to mention, Josiah was a model. M-o-d-e-l is another spelling for marketable!

Battles 3-5 weren’t even televised! Whoa! For those six, they didn’t even get screentime… which must have been devastating to them. For a lot of people, I bet part of the allure of the Voice is hopefully getting some publicity, but for them… nope. I get why it has to be this way (so many contestants, only so many episodes) but felt a twinge of sympathy.

  • Battle #3: Grace vs. Trevor (Team Blake) — I had to go back and figure out who these people were… Grace had a really interesting audition but didn’t really catch my eye (ear?) and Trevor’s blind audition didn’t even get fully aired. Gone before you knew him.
  • Battle #4: Audrey vs. Jamila (Team Usher) — Similar situation — Audrey had an okay blind audition (I actually didn’t love it, but she was hilarious when she chose Usher super-quick like that) and Jamila didn’t get screentime.
  • Battle #5: Tawnya vs. Mark (Team Shakira) — Both had their blind auditions aired, but Tawyna’s was definitely better. Definitely.

And the grand finale!

  • Battle #6: Danielle Bradbury vs. Caroline Glaser (Team Blake) — Danielle was the adorable little country girl who sang T Swift’s “Mean” (with an awesome backstory) and Caroline was the coffee-shop country singer with a unique voice. They were both really good and seemed like they avoided cattiness, but I wasn’t surprised that Blake went with Danielle (nor was I disappointed!) but it was really fun to see Adam and Usher literally throw themselves at Caroline for the steal. J and I chat about this show after each episode and we talk a lot about how Usher comes as so, so cool all the time with his one-liners, but in this episode, he was straight up BEGGING Caroline to choose him! And… she didn’t. I think she made the better choice with Adam, but it was pretty awesome watching Usher beg. Can you imagine Usher begging you!? For anything?!

Anyway, the battles are half(?) over and then onto the “knockoffs”… if you’re not already watching, now’s a good time to jump in!


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