The Voice – Battles Round 1

17 Apr

SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If you missed it… Judith Hill (the one who sang with Michael Jackson) performed in her battle tonight. What does it say that she’s the capstone of the season premiere, and also the capstone of the first episode of the battles? She is a force to be RECKONED with!


I would have eaten my foot if Adam hadn’t picked Judith Hill… even though Karina did a great job. I don’t think this battle was as amazing and game-changing as Judith’s blind audition, but she’s still definitely a front-runner.

When it comes to battles, I don’t think anyone will ever forget that seriously epic, get-on-your-feet Jesse Campbell vs. Anthony Evans battle back in Season 2… not only because it was amazing but because Christina eliminated the one we totally thought would win! Anything (apparently) can happen on the Voice.


I skipped season 3 so it’s really interesting to think about the element of the “steal” and how it plays into the coaches’ strategy (not to mention the psyche of the “stolen” artist). I will say that I was pretty surprised by how this episode turned out. I had really liked Sasha from her blind audition and honestly thought J’Sun was better than Garrett, but what do I know? I totally agreed with Blake on keeping Holly but didn’t love his rationale–why make it sound like she did a whatevs job and chalk it up to “this is my genre”? He did it again with the Swon Brothers, which I thought was really crazy–I can totally see Christian being popular and marketable (teen girls, yo). I didn’t love Taylor and wasn’t surprised when Adam kept Jess, but I was surprised by the other coaches throwing their weight behind Taylor.

I also didn’t realize each coach only got two steals, which makes me think Shakira was a little reckless in using them up so soon… but then again, I thought Sasha was great and maybe Taylor just didn’t thrive under Usher. I can see how each of the coaches has a different philosophy and probably cultivate different things in their team, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.


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