Stitch Fix #3 {should I keep it?}

12 Apr

Background on Stitch Fix for those who aren’t familiar: Basically, you sign up, fill out your “style profile” with lots of info around your style and the clothes you like to wear, then pay a $20 styling fee to receive a “Fix,” which is basically a box with 5 items (clothing/jewelry) specifically picked out for you! You get to try them all on at home with other pieces you own, then pay for & keep what you want (the $20 styling fee also counts as credit toward anything you keep) and send back what you don’t want (shipping both ways is free). You can check out their website for a lot of the nitty gritty details around how it works, but a friend posted about StitchFix on Facebook, I saw their website, and I was sold!

I kept one item from Fix #2 and was hopeful for #3… and specifically asked for mostly tops and dresses that I might be able to wear at an upcoming May wedding, but asked my stylist to stick with a <$100 price limit. She did an admirable job, but it was a little disappointing, TBH. I keep hoping for that Fix that blows my mind (I sound like a druggie…) and I really really want that “keep it all!” fix, but feels like I’m still somewhere in that “meh” phase.

Through Stitch Fix, I’m realizing that I’m pretty picky and have a really specific sense of what I like or don’t like (at least in terms of styles, cuts, and colors). I’m also going through some weight fluctuations so I might actually be in an awkward between-size phase… but anyway, all this to say–I love love love Stitch Fix as a brand, as a concept, and the anticipation around receiving a fix… but I’m not entirely sure it’s something I’m going to stick with.

Without further adieu… my fix!

stitch1This time it came in a BIG box! This was my first fix without a little note from my stylist… I actually missed it.


Piece #1: CUTOUT DESIGN GOLD DETAIL BRACELET ($28) – Okay, I’ve acknowledged I’m picky but I think I’m even more picky about jewelry, and bracelets in particular. I’ve never been a huge wrist accessorizer (not that I don’t want to be!) but this one reminded me of this bracelet from Banana Republic that J raved about. Ironically, I ended up ordering the same one but didn’t like how it looked… which is how I felt about this one. Go back.


Piece #2: DownEast ASTOR CHIFFON RUFFLE DETAIL JERSEY TOP ($48) – I didn’t dislike this top, but I didn’t love it. The really like the color (perfect for spring!) and cut (great for day&night) but the ruffles were a little too much for me (and they’re hard to ignore).


Piece #4: Evolution by Cyrus RONDA FLORAL PRINT KNIT DRESS ($98) – While I love the pattern on the front of the dress, I think I would like it more in the print form. Like, as in paper. That plus the fabric (not forgiving at all) and the placement of the black-contrast tie and the impact of the pattern right in the mid-section(not flattering when you’re a pear-shape) — this was a big fat no. I will say the front=pattern, back=solid was interesting and the fabric was reallyyyyy comfy.


Piece #4: DownEast JOCELYN IKAT PRINT BELTED DRESS ($58) – This is dress #2 in the fix and this time, mixed feelings! I liked the fabric and the cut a lot more, and even though the rope-belt made me go “wtf” a little at first, it actually grew on me. Ulllltimately. I decided against keeping it (despite the great price) because 1) the color (I like green but don’t feel like I look great it in–especially this shade) and 2) one of the little guide threads on the side ripped when I was tying the rope-belt! Boooo…


Piece #5: 41 Hawthorn WREN V-NECK CAP SLEEVE JERSEY TOP ($48) – And now, for my dilemma. So I don’t own anything in this color… I like the cowl-neck detailing… buuuuut I don’t love it. And it’s a little bit (can you tell?). B likes it, which is a plus, and I could apply my $20 credit to make it $28, but I honestly don’t know if I would buy this if I found it in a store/tried it on/etc even for $28. Thoughts???

I will probably schedule at least one more fix and see how things go, but I’m afraid my enthusiasm for Stitch Fix is wearing a little (tiny) bit thin. There are others who definitely have success so that’s my glimmer of hope–but for that’s how I’m feeling for now.

5 Responses to “Stitch Fix #3 {should I keep it?}”

  1. fon April 15, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    What I found was the most helpful in getting the right fix is Pinterest boards! Have u tried that yet?

    • Bethany April 15, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

      you know, I have a board I’ve shared but maybe I need to update it more regularly! thanks for the reminder (:

  2. Elif Bilgin (@Misselifb) October 8, 2013 at 1:29 am #

    hi! where do you get the ronda floral dress?? i looked everywhere online and couldnt find it…

    • Bethany October 8, 2013 at 2:06 am #

      I got it through Stitch Fix — links above. No clue if you can get it otherwise!


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