More Musings on Music

10 Apr

LISTENING: Anyone else watch Nashville? I was just making my way through Friday Night Lights (lovelovelove) when they announced Connie Britton would be headlining this new series on ABC and then I connected the dots between Hayden Panettiere and the adorable little girl in Remember the Titans (another one of my favs) and it has just been way more fun than I expected. Anyway! They released a soundtrack a few weeks back and I’m loving it–favs? “Undermine” and “No One Will Ever Love You” (though I don’t love love Deacon’s voice…)  and “When the Right One Comes Along” are some of my favs. Actually, I love almost every song except Deacon’s solo and that douche Avery’s. Ha!

WATCHING: Week 2 of The Voice was whatevs, in my opinion… but happy to report that I just finished Episode 5 and really liked two:

Sasha Allen (I love that she’s a mama! and dude–how does Adam get both Sasha and Judith?!)

Ryan Innes (If you’re gonna sing Mayer… and he’s the first guy I’ve really liked!)

Anyone else with me? Nashville fans?? Judith vs. Sasha???

2 Responses to “More Musings on Music”

  1. Janet April 10, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    YAY NASHVILLE! I love it when the daughters sing… they are so good! Do you know they are sisters in real life and started out as youtube stars?

    • Bethany April 10, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

      I heard!! I hadn’t known before I first saw them though.

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