An Update on Snacking

3 Apr

I’ve been a snacker my entire life but what I snack on has evolved and shifted with the seasons and years (and fads). The last time I wrote about snacking it was on my (now-defunct) food blog, Really Eating.

Background/tangent on Really Eating: I had started blogging there some time in 2009 and picked it up for a little bit in 2011, but it hasn’t been touched since. Maybe that will be where I keep track of food/recipes to not clutter up this blog (WordPress makes it easy to toggle back and forth)… but who knows.

Anyway, it’s interesting for me to evaluate how much my snacking has changed since November of 2011 (a little over a year). Bullets (in bold) are from the old post, comments and updates are in italics.

  • Greek yogurt (No more dairy for me, so no more Greek yogurt. I miss it!)
  • Costco trail mix (I stopped buying Costco trail mix because my chocolate consumption was getting out of control. I started buying trail mix ingredients from Trader Joe’s and making it myself at home. Started with roasted/salted, then roasted/lightly salted, then roasted/unsalted, and juuuuust bought my first batch of all raw, non-roasted nuts. It’s a change for my taste buds, but I know it’s better for me. Always include organic raisins + almonds, mix-ins include cashews, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, etc.)
  • Cereal (I stopped buying Chex cereal and cereal altogether in an attempt to lower my sugar/carb intake but recently started buying Kashi Heart to Heart cereal in order to get my daily dose of Vitamin B12–one of the vitamins that’s hard for vegans to get otherwise. Don’t love the carb intake, but for now it is what it is.)
  • Baby carrots and peanut butter (I still regularly snack on baby carrots, but often raw. Stopped buying peanut butter since peanuts are legumes… We do have almond butter at home but I don’t think to eat them together)
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit (Yes! Totally still love fruit. In-season right now: strawberries (organic, of course), blueberries, apples (are kind of always in season), bananas (ditto), and often an avocado with a bit of kosher salt to get some “good” fats)
  • Pudding cups (Cut these out because of sugar & dairy. I get my chocolate fix (occasionally) from dark (70%+) chocolate now… ideally fair-trade!)
  • Costco edamame packets (We just recently decided to stop buying these… no more legumes!)
  • Carrot-orange juice (Stopped this for one reason or another… replaced with green smoothies — a mix of 1 cup greens (spinach or mixed greens of some kind) + 1 cup water + 1 cup (or less…) fruit (almost always includes bananas to get it creamy, then a mix of whatever I have on hand/in the freezer–blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mango, etc)
  • NEW: Roasted sweet potato (Almost all diets (vegan, paleo, primal…) like sweet potatoes, so this is one of the few safe and easy options)
  • NEW: Brown rice/roasted seaweed (Brown rice is the only carb I’m still friendly with–it’s a great source of protein and sometimes hits the spot when I need something a little more filling and warm)

I still cave (and crave) bad snacks here and there… I canNOT resist pita chips (or a lot of chips in general…) or cookies/baked goods… and I indulge in non-dairy ice cream from Scoops often (even though it’s soy/legume-based)… but the key to success is to not have any of those things at home. At the very least, when I’m at home, I can only snack on good things so that when I’m out and about and cheat a little bit, it balances out in my (and my body’s) favor. Anyyyyy other snacking suggestions??

2 Responses to “An Update on Snacking”

  1. differentbeautifully April 4, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    Awesome:) I have been trying to switch to healthier snacking as well. I like to bake my own desserts and such so that I know what goes into them (plus I can control sugar). You should try apple slices with a nut butter…and check out pop chips (you can get them at target, kroger, and harris teeter I believe). I used to make my own trail mix to snack on, but have gotten out of the habit, so I will be making some today:)

    • Bethany April 5, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

      oooh someone just reminded me of apple slices (with nut butter or cinnamon too!). i don’t love pop chips (i’ve tried it a few times) but thanks for the rec!

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