Dear Kelly

2 Apr

(and by Kelly, I mean Kelly Clarkson)

You and Adam (Levine, of course) must have been scheming for ages, but can I be real for a second?

Your tour announcement? IT KILLS ME.

Did you not get the memo I posted over the weekend???

I specifically called out–“I don’t think I can afford any others… so… other favorite artists? Please do not tour this year. Kthx.”

Then, the Very. Next. Day… what do you post on Facebook?


You keeeeeeel me!

Sigh. I was secretly hoping it was a joke for April Fools so that I wouldn’t be tempted to even LOOK at tickets… but… I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Sigh. If I could take back Bey, I’d gladly trade her for the combination of you + Maroon 5! Yikes! But… mayyyyyybe the tickets won’t be too expensive since it’s in Irvine and they have a lawn area. I might beg B to let it be one of my many birthday presents this year…

Kelly, I love you, but this? Toeing the line missy!



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