What Happened in March 2013

31 Mar

Time for some hi-hi-hi-highlights!

  • New Years Resolutions update: finished Never Eat Alone & made the miso soup as I mentioned a few posts back. Also made this cauliflower cous-cous from A House in the Hills — didn’t get the flavor quite right, but the texture was great!
  • After missing it in theaters, bought & watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 — I was very surprised by the “twist” they had rumored about for so long. Can’t believe the series is over now!
  • Semi-annual dental cleaning where I found out I have yet another cavity (followed by a subsequent filling). I am the worst almost-dentist’s wife ever…
  • Got a series of blood tests to try to diagnose why I’ve been feeling so fatigued/exhausted/headache-y (more on this later, hopefully)
  • Long overdue visit to the Massage Therapy Center — I love Sophia even though I’m killer-sore afterward and she was concerned by how tense I was… uh oh.
  • Attended a free seminar by the Green Smoothie Girl with M — convinced to drink more green smoothies and added a Vitamix to my wishlist
  • Banana Republic Friends & Family promotion weekend — 50% off in-store is *so* hard to resist!
  • Took two Fridays off to spend some quality time with B (short one-week spring break) — Tried a few new(ish) restaurants on lunch/dinner dates — the famous ramen at Tsujita, the new Chipotle in Culver City, Palomino in Westwood
  • Awesome month for music — new releases (JT 20/20 & OneRepublic Native), tour announcements (John Mayer & Sara Bareilles) & the premiere of the Voice
  • A lot of quality time with LA friends, including Lakers games, some poker & discovering how awesome the Seafarers expansion for Settlers is!
  • Some quality time with Non-LA friends too, including a mini class(+friends) reunion in Irvine @ Pieology and lunch at the French Market in Abbot Kinney with J and J
  • Activity at church is picking up a lot — planning for a spring college retreat + an influx of new members and families led to the official launches of a Planning Team and a Children’s Ministry (yay!)
  • Babysat an adorable almost-9 month old named B so a co-worker could go on their first real date night since he was born!
  • My first organic/vegan/non-toxic mani-pedi at Color Me Green in Manhattan Beach (thanks to aforementioned co-worker)

Here’s to April! Can you believe 2013 is a QUARTER over?


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