Musings on Music

30 Mar

LISTENING: Obviously listening to the new JT album (along with the rest of the world — I still love Mirrors but also love Pusher Love Girl–that intro is killer!) and also picked up the new OneRepublic Native album (thank you J&W for the gift card!). Also hooked on this super addictive/catchy P!NK song (duet w/ Nate Ruess of fun.) thanks to H.

WATCHING: Okay, I know what I said… but I was so curious about the dynamic of the new judges on the Voice and ended up really enjoying the first two episodes. Shakira and Usher are totally different in personality and it’s a ton of fun, even though I completely missed out on Season 3 (but apparently it wasn’t the best anyway…). So far, the two contestants everyone’s talking about are:

Judith Hill (from episode 1, who is a straight up PRO and sang with Michael Jackson and at his memorial)

Sarah Simmons (from episode 2, who is definitely not as polished, but she gave me goosebumps & made me tear up!)

It’ll be really  interesting to see if any of the other contestants can even TOUCH either of them… but who knows! Season 4’s off to a great star.

GOING: Summer tour season is almost upon us, friends! I used to be a concert/show fanatic in college but this is the first year since that I’m really going all out.

  • Psyched to hear that Sara B was doing another small-venue tour and snatched up tickets (F5 is my friend) to see hear at the El Rey in May. The last time I saw her at Cafe du Nord was pure magic.
  • Going to see Daughter at the Troubadour with C & G the week after… not as familiar with their stuff, but will hopefully be by then!
  • Also just bought tickets to go see John Mayer in Irvine with B (lawn picnic style) — saw him in Mountain View a few years back (SO much fun) and was really shocked by all the stories around his surgeries and recoveries… I had no idea.
  • Already mentioned the (very expensive but hopefully very worth it) tickets bought to see Bey and TSwift @ Staples with J…
  • I was a tiny bit devastated to find out JT’s stopping in LA, but only on a Sunday… and Sundays are for church.

I don’t think I can afford any others… so… other favorite artists? Please do not tour this year. Kthx.

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