21 Mar

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment (and resulting classifications) fascinate me. I’m not sure if that points to something narcissistic in me, but I love reading what it says about me, about others, and potentially about how the two mix. I’m actually pretty sure I’m not the only one since Facebook posts about someone’s Myers-Briggs always seems to pop up here and there and they become eventful threads.

I remember taking it in high school and thinking that ESTJ perfectly described me… and I remained an ESTJ through much of college (we took it again in Organizational Behavior, if I remember correctly). The %s of each dimension have changed over time (I’ve become less of an E, still a strong J) but the biggest change is that now, technically, I am an ESFJ. Strange! The ESTJ descriptions still super describe me, but more so in my professional/work life. The shift from T to F is probably driven by the fact that I answer some of the questions thinking of my personal life and relationships and those have dramatically changed over the past 10 years or so.

I know it’s not fair to clump people into these groups and make generalizations, but they serve their purpose. I know that I don’t love working with ENTJs (we have a lot of them at work…) and do like working with other ESFJs, but I think a lot of my friends outside of work are more Is and Ns… I think. Friends?

Want to take yours? This is the online test I default to–I’m partial to it because I don’t like having to write down your answers by hand. Once you get your %s, here’s a clever BuzzFeed article that classifies you as an animal (so cute–I’m an elephant (ESFJ) and honey bee (ESTJ)) and another that’s a little less cutesy, but equally interesting (I’m a Provider (ESFJ) and Supervisor (ESTJ)).


One Response to “Myers-Briggs”

  1. Hannah C March 26, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    LOL we are almost polar opposites. I recently took one that said I’m an INFJ. davd’s ENTJ and we had lots of fun reading about our compatibility 😛

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