Stitch Fix Fix #1

16 Mar

If you haven’t already heard about StitchFix, boy, you’re in for a treat! Basically, you sign up, fill out your “style profile” with lots of info around your style and the clothes you like to wear, then pay a $20 styling fee to receive a “Fix,” which is basically a box with 5 items (clothing/jewelry) specifically picked out for you! You get to try them all on at home with other pieces you own, then pay for & keep what you want (the $20 styling fee also counts as credit toward anything you keep) and send back what you don’t want (shipping both ways is free). You can check out their website for a lot of the nitty gritty details around how it works, but a friend posted about StitchFix on Facebook, I saw their website, and I was sold!

I was waitlisted for a little bit, but got a happy email a couple days after their big series A funding announcement (here’s a great interview and article on TechCrunch) and got my first fix a week or two later. Without further adue… here was what was in my fix!


Hello, fix! I love their branding and the personal touches (little note from my stylist, Jackie)


Piece #1: Everly Mineh Cat Print Tab Sleeve Top ($58) – the print is SO cute and I wanted to like it, but it was a little too big/loose and wasn’t very flattering, and lastly, the color kind of washed me out. I’m also a little conflicted about the “trendiness” of the critter print–I typically want to buy pieces I’ll love and wear at least for a few years! In picture 3 – each garment has a tag with outfit ideas, which can be helpful for the fashion-challenged *raises hand*


Piece #2: Kensie Lola Ankle Length Skinny Jeans ($88) – My stylist saw that I had pinned a pair of black jeans to my Pinterest (I provided the link with my “style profile”) and included these — they were SO comfy! My current black jeans are definitely ready looking a little worn and ready to be donated, but my higher priority is a pair of black cotton pants that can be worn both casual and dressy/professional, and these were a little too casual. Regardless, I serrrrriously considered keeping them and the big reason I didn’t was that they were a tad too small


Piece #3: Very J Doreen French Terry Blazer ($78) – When I saw this in my box, I thought I’d HATE it, but putting it on, I liked it! It was super comfy/soft and Jackie made a note about how the light cotton blazer is a great piece for the spring-y weather coming up in LA. Didn’t keep it, though, because it was also a tad too small on the sleeves and bust (you can tell in the picture, I think).

Piece #4: Sweet Rain Cherry Hi-Low Racer Back Tank ($48) – I wanted to like this one (Super soft fabric and I don’t have any hi-low tops!), but it was a definite no for a few reasons: 1) too big 2) shapeless/made me look pregnant (ha) 3) wouldn’t spend this much on a tank top, I don’t think, unless I could wear it to work… and church… and out? Yep, this one is going back.

stitch5Piece #5 – 41Hawthorn Chevron Bangle Set ($38) – After realizing I wasn’t going to keep any of the other four pieces, I was SO tempted to keep this one, especially because of the $20 credit that you lose if you don’t spend it on this fix. I love that these bangles stack and I love the Chevron shape, buuuuuut ultimately decided against keeping them because they were just too big. Bangles are really hard for me to pull off because of my small wrists.

So, that was my first StitchFix fix! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t end up keeping anything (and “lost” the $20 credit), but to be fair, that $20 paid for a super fun experience and probably covered shipping both ways, right? After you try on everything, you check out online and you can give notes and feedback as to why you did or didn’t keep things. You can also request specific types of things, like if you’re going to a wedding and want all dresses, or something like that.

I already scheduled my next fix and am crossing my fingers that my stylist will be able to hook me up with something (or somethings!) that I keep! If I stick with the system long enough, one day I’ll end up keeping all 5 pieces and you get a 25% off discount. Woo!

If you’re interested in trying out StitchFix too, you can do that here! (Disclaimer: I’m using a referral link and would receive a $25 credit if you end up actually scheduling a fix)


3 Responses to “Stitch Fix Fix #1”

  1. Lena Sim March 20, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    hiiii, i found your blog!!!

    this is an intriguing idea! would totally consider it if the pieces weren’t so bissa 😦

  2. fon April 20, 2013 at 4:51 am #

    The cat top is so cute! But you’re right about the color.


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