16 Mar

I fi-fi-finally watched Skyfall! It was one of the movies I really wanted to see in theaters but missed out on because of a bad season at work and whatever. Once it came out on DVD, I was tempted to buy it or go to Blockbuster (they still exist!) because of the whole Redbox-delay-period thing, but time flies and it came out on Redbox this week (plus a little $0.50 coupon — it’s the little things).

Verdict? Entertaining! Very pretty — the fire in the background? WOW. And “Welcome to Scotland” – seriously! The characters didn’t feel very rich, though… I still didn’t really “get” M and I didn’t necessarily empathize with the villan, or anyone for that matter (like Eve? Who are you??). So maybe it wasn’t a great movie, but t’was entertaining, for sure.

Highlights? I love Q! (& I’m sure I’m not alone in that) I loved the groundskeeper (SPOILER ALERT (for the 1% of you who haven’t seen it but intend to): I was terrified he was going to die!), I love Voldemort as a good guy, I also loved that when 007 and M went to Skyfall, they rigged it up like Home Alone… nostalgic in a strange way. I also loved the ending credits song “Adrenaline” (which is on the main soundtrack).

I wasn’t as impressed with the opening sequence as everyone else, but if I hadn’t already listened to the Adele song a dozen (or four) times and if it hadn’t been hyped up as much, maybe I would have. Dunno. Looking forward to the next one though–sounds like we get two more Daniel Craig 007 movies, whether he likes it or not.


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