What Happened in January 2013

14 Mar

I don’t want to forget the fun (and important) things that happened in the months before I started this blog… so I’ll list them here (in semi-chronological order).

  • Made a lot of New Year’s resolutions
  • Got touch-up LASIK surgery which led to very dry eyes (more on this in another longer post… maybe)
  • One of the semi-regular mini-reunions with the Kay family where I got to meet (and fall in love with) little Caleb
  • First (of hopefully many) lunch dates with Jeanette (friend of a friend that became a friend) at Forage — we have eerily similar taste and interests
  • Got a full-body scan through UCLA (with B) and found out the percentage of my body that is made up of fat. It’s not pretty.
  • Semi-annual (or tri-annual?) hair cut
  • Dine LA dinner at the Little Next Door with the soon-to-be-married DJ & Annie
  • Yelp Elite event at a raw, vegan restaurant called M.A.K.E with Grace Baek of Grace Baek Photography fame
  • Went on my 2nd trip to Portland for work and B joined me for the weekend prior for sightseeing and lots of eating–super fun

When I put it like that… January was a lot more eventful than I remember it!

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