What Happened in February 2013

14 Mar

February was a lot less eventful in terms of going out… probably because I worked like a maniac and needed to detox.

  • Did my first 5K–the Color Run at Dodgers Stadium! I would totally do it again even though I ended up not as colorful as I had expected/hoped.
  • Celebrated a lot of birthdays, including and most importantly B’s. Lots of family gatherings and restaurant visits, some better than others.
  • Got sick on a Saturday night, which led to watching more of the Superbowl than I ever have in my life (it was surprisingly entertaining)
  • Cashed in a Christmas gift card to J.Crew when a good sale came up online (I am a sucker for online shopping)
  • Another lunch date (yippee!) with Jeanette at Umami Burger (thought it was whatevs)
  • Stopped by an old friend’s birthday party (I told you there were a lot of birthdays) where they were playing a strangely engaging home-made game of identify-the-Christian-figure-by-their-headshot
  • Went to the long-awaited, much-anticipated, unofficial grand opening of LYFE Kitchen in Culver City (here’s the story behind it)
  • Bought tickets to see Beyonce at Staples this summer with Jeanette–SO expensive, but hopefully will be worth it
  • Listened to JT’s song Mirrors on repeat for weeks

Maybe February hadn’t been as low-key as I thought…


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